Go Behind the Scenes on “Through Time”!

Go Behind the Scenes on “Through Time”!

Ever wondered how we shot and edited our Doctor Who parody, “Through Time”? Well, wonder no longer! Check out the behind-the-scenes feature for the video, which explains everything from concept to final edit.

Learn about how we got the incredible Matt Elliott to come participate, how the weeping angels were costumed, how we did our different historical sets, and even about the disaster that almost ended the video project! Learn what it’s like to be behind the scenes on a Not Literally video shoot below:

What was your favorite part? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Really enjoyed being part of the DR WHO Through Time event.
    ever need an Older (60-ish) type for something, if I’m able I’d like to do it again.

    Great Time
    Great Folks

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