Am I Allowed To... (3)

Can I start a web series/make a music video/write music based on your work?

We don’t own the concept of parody music, or advice vlogs! You can do whatever you want! But if you were very heavily inspired by us, we would really appreciate a clickable link to our channel in the description.

Can I cover your music?

We would love that! And we would love to see video of it, as well! Just please make sure to credit us with a link to our channel, and make it clear that it is a cover — don’t claim that you wrote it!

Can I reupload your music/video on my YouTube channel?

Sorry, no. If you want to include a clip of our work in a larger project (a vlog, a fan video, etc.) you can do so as long as you credit us with a direct (clickable!) link to our channel in the description. If you are interested in reuploading our work with foreign language translations, please contact us to discuss it before you start.

Cons/Performances (4)

Do you sell merchandise at cons?

It really depends on the con! We only get a table at some of them. If we do have a table, we do offer some merchandise, although the variety depends on the size of the con. At smaller cons we will probably only sell small things, like buttons and samplers of our work.

Can I hire you to perform?

If you live in Colorado, we can discuss and potentially determine the cost for a performance. However, if you live outside of the state, you would have to first pay for our travel in order for it to be feasible. (We realize that’s a lot of money – that’s why we can’t afford to fly around on our own dollar!)

Will you sign [item] if I see you at a con?

Of course! We’re happy to sign anything you put in front of us! At this point we don’t offer or sell photos specifically for signing at cons, but that might be an option in the future.

Will you be coming to [convention]?

You can find our full convention schedule on the Events page. Unfortunately we can’t attend every con (or even many – we’re very busy!)

Future Plans (4)

Are you going to redo the House Pride series?

Nope. I know a lot of Slytherins, for instance, are hoping we’ll redo them since we’ve learned and grown so much since we produced that video, but the House Pride series is over.

I wrote a parody! Will you record it?

We love that you guys are getting creative and that we’ve inspired you to write some parodies! But we started this whole thing because we love to write parodies. So we’ll keep writing our parodies, and you keep writing yours! And if you decide to make your own video (which we encourage!) please show us the result!

Will there be an Ask Hogwarts Season 3?

Yes! We do have plans for a season 3. We can’t be sure about anything after that, though — we haven’t decided yet!

Are you going to make a music video for [fandom]?

The videos we choose to produce are chosen by a variety of factors, not the least of which is that we like to produce parodies we’re inspired by. What that basically means is that we can’t definitively say “yes, we will produce a Firefly parody” or “no, we won’t produce a Supernatural parody.”

So, short answer … we have no idea!

How Did You... (3)

How do you choose which Ask Hogwarts questions to answer?

We receive literally hundreds of Ask Hogwarts questions, and we answer under thirty of them every season, so that means that we unfortunately cannot answer them all. We tend to choose questions based on which ones we have good, funny ideas for, or which ones will fit the episode theme, and we try hard not to have repeat questions.

Where did you get the [costume]?

The majority of our Harry Potter house costuming is provided by Alivan’s Master Wandmakers, our costuming sponsor! They have incredible products, high quality and beautiful, and we really do encourage you guys to check out their stuff!

Matt Elliott, our eleventh Doctor lookalike in Through Time, provided his own costuming, so you’ll have to ask him!

The rest of the costumes were either thrifted, provided by the extras/dancers/cast who were wearing them, made by Ginny, or commissioned from some of our talented costumers: Kitty Krell, Mandie Reese, and Karen Smith.

Merchandise (4)

Do you still sell Hufflepuff bow ties?

Nope! The fabric we made those bow ties from was discontinued, and even if we could find a replacement, we handmade them and it was very time consuming. We’d much rather spend our time making videos than hand sewing merchandise. You can, however, get a super cute Hufflepuff hair bow here that can double very nicely as a bow tie!

You don’t have [item] in your shop!

If there’s a particular design you’d love to see on a certain item, please let us know! We’d love to make it available for you in the shop.

My merchandise arrived damaged and I want to return it.

All of that sort of thing is an issue for our platform, not us — all we do is upload the designs, and the website handles all of the actually printing and shipping. Please contact them with questions about returns or refunds.

Do you offer your merchandise internationally?

Unfortunately we aren’t in control of that — our platform is. Please get in touch with them for any questions about international shipping.

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