The Essential Ravenclaw Color Debate

The Essential Ravenclaw Color Debate

Bronze vs. Silver

There are many things that are wonderful about being a Ravenclaw. We’re prized for our natural intelligence and respected for our level-headed sentiment. We have the benefit of being excluded from the tiresome Gryffindor vs. Slytherin rivalry, while neither are we subjected to the torment that Hufflepuffs have to regularly endure. But there is one particular thing about Ravenclaw that consistently sucks, and that is the unresolvable color battle.

Why the movie production team chose to randomly change one of the Hogwarts house’s color schemes, we may never know. What we do know, though, is that merchandise for Ravenclaws has run into the troubling issue of which color scheme to follow: the book’s blue and bronze or the movie’s blue and silver. This, of course, is a problem that Not Literally has run into as well.

Let’s say right up front that Not Literally has officially chosen blue and silver as our supported Ravenclaw color schemeAny and all Ravenclaw merchandise that we will be producing in the foreseeable future will be following that color scheme. That’s not to say that we will never produce merchandise in blue and bronze, but don’t hold out for it. Before you start huffing and frowning, Ravenclaw traditionalists, give us a chance to explain why we’ve made this choice.

Reason #1: Most of the merch is already in blue and silver.
We are aware that this, at first, sounds silly, but if you think about it from the perspective of Not Literally as a video production company, you can hopefully understand that we need to choose a color scheme that will be easy to costume. For example, Alivan’s provides the majority of our school uniform costuming, and their merchandise is all available in blue and silver. If we require Ravenclaw crest banners, Ravenclaw scarves, Ravenclaw sweaters, Ravenclaw socks, Ravenclaw vests, Ravenclaw robes, Ravenclaw ties, all of these things are most conveniently and easily available to us in blue and silver.

Reason #2: There are far more whiners on the other side.
There are already a multitude of you who are anywhere from irritated to infuriated about Not Literally’s color choice, but I promise there would be a billion times more people complaining if we had chosen blue and bronze. Why? Well, to be quite frank, a huge number of the people who view our videos are only sort of Harry Potter fans. Hardcore fans, as awesome as they are, make up probably only about 20-30% of our viewership. What that means is that while we will have a few dozen people complaining about the blue/silver, if we made a Ravenclaw pride video all in blue and bronze, 70-80% of our viewers would be confused because they’ve either only seen the movies, or don’t remember the few mentions of Ravenclaw colors that are in the books. Now picture our frustration when every third video comment is about the colors. Now picture us smashing our laptops repeatedly against the sharp corner of the kitchen table. Now picture us doing the same with our heads. Do you want that for us? No, I thought not.

Reason #3: By necessity, many Ravenclaws have already made the switch.
I know I’m not the only Ravenclaw who very early on grew frustrated with the color debacle. I am a merch-happy sort of fan—I love to own things related to the fandoms I love—so I took the easy way out and just switched over to blue/silver. All of the personal Ravenclaw merchandise I own is in blue and a silver. And I know I’m not the only one. There are a lot of Ravenclaws who wanted to be able to enjoy things like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the official movie merchandise.

Now, I know that you guys are still out there, protesting. “Why not offer both?” you cry out in anguish. Well, as I’m sure you are all well aware, in this society we have to pay for goods. I know, it sucks. Ugh. What you may not be aware of is that most screen printing companies have a minimum purchase requirement for printing. In plain English, what this means for sales is: we will lose money unless we have twice as many Ravenclaw purchasers as other houses. To order two separate Ravenclaw color combinations, we will need to order twice the Ravenclaw merchandise than we would for any other house. Since we do not find that we have an abundance of Ravenclaw fans in comparison to the other houses, producing twice the Ravenclaw merchandise doesn’t make any sense. To put it simply, we don’t have the capital available to us to make the base investment required to produce two different color combinations.

Please understand: we didn’t pick blue and silver because we like it better, or because we hate the books, or because we wanted to upset Ravenclaw traditionalists. The reasons we chose the colors we chose are all practical reasons based in good business sense. And isn’t that just so Ravenclaw of us? ;D

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  1. I think that decision is just stupid, and the arguments are invalid excuses. I’m sorry, but get the raven and the colors wrong is lazy. And pretend to justify the nonexistent change is silly.

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  3. I am making a blue/bronze Ravenclaw scarf myself and I have to say – I am not sure why anyone would have difficulty finding a proper bronze color yarn for it. Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in light taupe does the trick quite well – and according to historic heraldry, other colors like yellow, gold or even brown or orange could be substituted for the “bronze” and still be effective and considered appropriate. Actually the blue/bronze colors sort of remind me of the colors of the US Naval Academy athletic teams: blue/gold, which is very cool.

    I posted a photo of the progress of my scarf on my craft blog; you can see how nice it looks with blue & light taupe serving as the bronze. I think it looks very sharp.

    • i am making my own scarf, too! traditional, and I wanted some references, and was confused when I saw that ‘ravenclaw scarf’ search came up with the blue and silver!

  4. What if the movie had changed Gryffindor’s colors to Red and Blue? And then all merch was that color? And those who’ve only seen the movies can’t be counted as fans!

  5. But sliver is a Slytherin color D: Green+Silver has always been our combo…wtf warner bros why don’t ravenclaws have blue+bronze anymore

  6. Yes, blue and silver may look nicer, but it’s not correct. As a Ravenclaw I couldn’t go prancing around in blue and silver just because it looks nicer or because it’s the only thing available. I’d be a fraud. I’d rather go without. Sure, I’d love to sport some blue and bronze, but it’s simply not available.

  7. It is so annoying to go to one website,
    than go to another, and 1 has blue & bronze Ravenclaw merch, and the 2nd one has blue & silver merch!! I am personally a blue & silver person, just because those 2 colors look nice together. *prepares for hate comments*

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  9. I’m getting used to the color switch, I mean it is an accent color, at least you have one that’s not the same color as the robes (yellow and black on black). They NEED to fix the bird though, it’s an EAGLE!

    • Kaydency Of Ravenclaw

      THANK YOU. It is a Golden Eagle. Not a Raven. Though it would make since but it’s just how it is.

      Kaydency Of Ravenclaw

      • actually if you read the first edition of the BRITISH version of Philosophers Stone, it is descibed as a Raven.
        J.K. Rowling adressed the change in an interview, where she explained the change to be due to the negative assosiations there were between ravens and death. even though her original thought when choosing the raven was due to the norse god of wisdom Odin having two ravens

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  12. So I been doing some research on this whole bronze/silver, eagle/raven thing. And I found some interesting info about the name “Ravenclaw.” So a lot of people think that “raven” should refer to the animal, since ravens are considered clever animals, and that’s why it was changed in the movies. But someone mentioned that, because of old English naming traditions, that “raven” actually refers to the color raven–or black. So “raven” describes the color of the claws of a particular kind of eagle. I wish I could remember where I found this, but it was tucked away in a very long comment thread of some old blog post. The poster didn’t provide a source or anything, but they seemed to speak with a lot of authority on Scottish nomenclature, so I felt I could trust them lol.

    Anyway, thought ya’ll would enjoy that fun fact.

    I’m still struggling with weather or not I ought to purchase official silver merch, or pull a Fleetwood Mac and “go my own way.” I think Ginny and Dana’s decision was the smartest move, though.

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  14. What can I say?
    I’m from Mexico and there’s no way you could find anything related to Ravenclaw but handmade, so, my decision was easy. First time at US found the last Ravenclaw tie in Hastings, I bought automatically. I was kind of disappointing because I love the books and I wanted blue/bronze one but even there was so difficult to find merchandise, especially because already been 3 years since the end of movies. I love books and the tie, so, I have to love both.

  15. You could distinguish and follow the book instead of using muggle’s colors like everyone else.
    If the bronze created problems was better to use only the blue

  16. I find it so difficult to find merchandise in true Ravenclaw colors, even on Etsy. I bought a blue-and-silver scarf, but I am so close to crocheting or knitting myself a real Ravenclaw scarf.

    If anyone here knows how to find a Ravenclaw sweater vest, I would be indebted to you, as I can find no such thing anywhere on the internet.

    • This has been making me tear my hair out as well, but I just found something literally (yes literally) the other day. Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wears at does sell book color sweaters. Their site is a little outdated and hard to navigate, but they are on Facebook and I’ve been very happily chatting with them about their book accurate merch. I think the sweaters run about the same price as the official stuff, maybe a little cheaper. Also, WhimsicAlley sells ties to match, but their website is down for the time being. Hope that helps!

  17. To be fair, the Hogwarts students didn’t wear proper uniforms in the book. They wore plain black robes and pointy hats over their regular clothes. The only “correct” Hogwarts uniform for Ravenclaw is the one in the movies because the movies invented the uniforms. Therefore, a proper Ravenclaw uniform would be the movie version.

    The only mention of the house colors are on the crest, the banners to celebrate winning the House Cup, and the Quidditch robes (Blue for Ravenclaw, Emerald Green for Slytherin, Yellow for the Really Good Finders, and Scarlett for those other people).

    That being said, I totally understand why you chose the movie colors, even if I don’t agree. Practicality is not really a Ravenclaw trait. Ravenclaws are many things, but practical is not a word I’d readily use (think Luna or Ollivander).

    As a Ravenclaw, I resign myself to buying properly colored, that is Blue and Bronze merchandise from places like Etsy and other independents on the internet who understand the we are Blue and Bronze Eagles, not Blue and Silver Ravens. Or I make it myself. I have so many creative and beautiful items that are hand made and one of a kind. Instead of taking the easy path and buying the licensed merch that are a dime a dozen, the hand full of us who refuse to to give in to the silver go against the tide like the weirdos we are. THAT is a very Ravenclaw thing to do. Why? Because it’s hard, more interesting and very weird. It is also how us true Eagles can spot each other at the conventions (nerd alert).

    All else aside: You guys are amazing, I am a big fan, and I don’t blame you one bit for going “main steam” with your Ravenclaw colors because…well…you gotta eat, and bronze won’t pay the bills. :-)

    I cannot wait for the Ravenclaw video! It will be AWESOME! Keep up the good work. Ignore the haters and do your thing!

    • Blue and Bronze Eagles unite! 😛

    • I am in need of a bronze fabric dye to paint over the silver parts of the tie I used. I could not find any tie that was blue and bronze so I bought a blue and silver one and just paint over the silver colour, however, bronze dyes on Amazon are expensive. lol. Any stores you could suggest?
      -From a desperate Bronze Eagle Ravenclaw

    • It’s so hard to find Ravenclaw merchandise in the correct color scheme of blue and BRONZE emblazoned with an EAGLE!!!! Your site would probably see an increase in your sales of Ravenclaw products if you helped to fill this void in the market rather than add to it

  18. I totally understand the colors. While I am a fan of the books, and enjoy when things are translated without alteration, I understand why they chose silver instead of bronze. The silver really makes the blue pop. Even though it is nearly navy blue in shade, it makes it brighter. That’s what highlight colors are for. Even if they used royal blue, pairing that with bronze, would make it too dark. And while we don’t consider it that way, the production company views Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff as background houses, and therefore wouldn’t give Ravenclaw gold as an accent, as that is reserved for the Heroic Gryffindors of the story. Mind you, this is all speculation, based upon the mindset of the production team. Myself, being a Ravenclaw, couldn’t care less about the accent color, as long as our House is represented in any fashion.

  19. Hey Ginny and Dana! As a Ravenclaw, I totally get your choice. I wish that the movie people had stuck with JKR’s original color schemes, but unfortunately that can’t be controlled. But your decision to use silver is logical. I do wish, however, that the bird portrayed in your merch was more eagle-y. I know that the movie crest makes it look like a raven, but unlike the colors, which are easy to see, the crests aren’t zoomed in on in the movie.

    But if you don’t agree, I’d love to hear why :)

  20. As a Slytherin, I was originally quite miffed about the change. “What do these Ravenclaws think they’re up to? Silver’s our color, not theirs!” I’m also generally a purist, (the first Percy Jackson movie does not exist for me) and I think bronze/copper is a cool metal, like gold with battle scars. So I would not have been happy no matter what house I was in (actually I think I’d have been MORE upset if I was a Ravenclaw) But I grew up and matured and since most sorting tests I took pre-Pottermore put me in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw, I figured I don’t mind sharing my secondary color with mah Ravenclaw homies. And your reasoning for the switch is kinda flawless, so ten points to Ravenclaw. (Let’s pretend I’m a prefect… Even though I’d suck at it)

  21. House colors are meant to distinguish between the houses, having both Slytherin and Ravenclaw have silver as their secondary color is illogical, I don’t know why people were willing to switch bronze to silver. The movie world ruined your chances of being traditional because of money issues, but for me I will always use bronze when I make Ravenclaw items.

    • And that’s a totally fine personal decision for you to make. But Slytherin is *never* represented by JUST silver, just like Ravenclaw is never represented by *just* bronze, so I don’t personally think your argument holds water.

      • it doesn’t really matter the books and movies are two different worlds when it comes to uniforms anyways. I just get annoyed when people change an authors original work, but there is no way around that especially when books are turned into movies, they just can’t do everything a book can.

        • Yeah, definitely true. I’ve had to learn how to treat them as two separate mediums or I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything.

    • “I don’t know why people were willing to switch bronze to silver”
      Because people is muggle

    • Someone upthread mentioned “why should Slytherin and Ravenclaw both have silver as their accent color?”

      Well, both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor both have gold as an accent color; what’s wrong with that?

      The Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings NFL teams both use purple….so what? I don’t see why this would be a problem.

  22. Sorry, but Slytherin colors are green and silver. I stick with the bronze!

  23. I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan: I’ve read all the books (multiple times) and seen all the movies. I’m also a Ravenclaw who likes the blue/silver color combo better than the blue/bronze. Besides, JKR helped to produce the HP movies, so it’s not like the blue/silver color scheme is something that she disapproves of…

  24. I…i kinda like silver, im not gonna lie,…but bronze is nice too!

  25. I do own merch of both the colors but i guess i will always be a traditionalist at heart. Our queen wrote it as blue and bronze and I guess that has always kinda stuck with me even when I rock the blue/silver merch :3 Regardless It was a proper business decision so really no one should complain to much.

  26. I know this is kind of late, and I don’t mean to beat on a dead horse, but I only just ran into this post. I’ve been diving into Not Literally stuff on YouTube lately. And by coincidence, I found this post when searching “ravenclaw bronze house tie” or something like that on Google.

    I think your logic is very sound, and it’s actually made me feel better about adopting the silver over the bronze.

    What still bugs me however, is that a lot of the licensed merch actually shows a raven in the emblems instead of an eagle. That drives me nuts.

    Do you two have any thoughts on that one?

    • Well, I have mixed feelings on that. On the one hand, it’s frustrating because by utilizing the eagle, we will garner a host of comments claiming we’re stupid, just because “raven” is in the name. But on the other hand, the raven IS often seen as a symbol of intelligence, so it almost seems more reasonable as a choice. Ah well, what can you do?

  27. From Pottermore:
    “Congratulations! I’m Prefect Robert Hilliard, and I’m delighted to welcome you to RAVENCLAW HOUSE. Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb; our house colours are blue and bronze..”

    Blue and silver is not Ravenclaw.

    • That’s your opinion and you are welcome to stand by it.

      • There is no silver or bronze.
        There is only the bronze, and those who are too little Ravenclaw for it.

        • Oh grow up. Please. Get that stick out your backside and stop acting like you are some kind of superior fan because you prefer bronze.

          I prefer the silver. I think it looks a lot nicer than bronze. I like that I can buy merchandise that looks good – I personally don’t think bronze is a nice colour at all. And it’s incredibly hard to bet good fabrics in that colour.

          I’d rather get funny about the eagle/raven thing than the colours. But the idea that there are people who are “Ravenclaw enough” is pathetic.

          • Thank you! Personally, it’s very irritating when fellow Ravenclaws give me weird looks when I say I prefer the blue-silver combo. I believe the blue-bronze combo clashes a bit and think the silver brightens the blue since it is also a cool color, instead of a warm color like bronze.

            It’s also quite annoying when housemates try to act superior based on their opinions. Ravenclaws generally have the open-minded trait so I’m fairly surprised.

  28. GodricMcgonagall

    Particullarly, I carries Ravenclaw inside of me, the colors are kindly superficials. The real feelings are inside. Go Go Ravenclaw!

  29. Hey, Ginny and Dana! I missed the last competition, so I was just wondering when you might open a new one. Please can you get back to me? Thanks

    • Hey there! We usually run competitions to help promote new videos and merchandise. If you want to know when a competition is running, please like us on Facebook and/or subscribe to our email updates here on the website (at the bottom of the page!) That way, you’ll get notified when we have a new contest up.

  30. Hi Not Literally! I prefer the bronze, because that was J.K Rowling’s initial idea, and because the books were her idea in the first place. I see no reason to change Jo’s original plan. As a Potterhead, the books were the best thing that ever happened to me, and I never wanted anything about them to be changed.

    Just wanted to say what a MASSIVE fan I am of yours, and how much Badger Pride I have! Are either of you on Pottermore, Ginny and Dana? Please reply with your thoughts! Thank you.

    • We’re both on Pottermore, but we don’t really play (there’s not much to do, really!) We’re both pretty disappointed with the whole website, although it’s a cool idea, and the sorting was awesome!

  31. Hi, Not Literally! I prefer the blue and bronze, because that was J. K. Rowling’s initial idea, and Harry Potter was her idea in the first place. Therefore, I think that there was no point in changing Jo’s original plan. Being a Potterhead, the books are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I never wanted anything to be changed about them.

    Just wanted to say what a MASSIVE fan I am of yours, and how much Badger Pride I have! Are either of you on Pottermore? Wanna add me? Thanks for reading!

  32. After some research, they changed the colours because it looked better on screen. Thought you would want to know.

  33. Your logic is quite sound and appropriate for your
    production company. It only makes sense that you go for the majority because it
    would benefit your sales and sanity when it comes to merchandise. I also like
    how you politely differentiated the hardcore fans from the “sort of” fans
    because that is truly what’s going on here. And when I say “here” I mean the
    fandom as a whole when it comes to merchandise/business everywhere and not just
    notliterally. I’m not ashamed to say that I chose the blue/silver because I noticed
    the hierarchy scheme that was going on with the colors in the books. Gryffindor
    (gold), Slytherin (silver), Ravenclaw (bronze), and Hufflepuff (black).  I may be looking too much into it, but this
    is one of the reasons why I switched. Personally I prefer the blue/silver combo
    because blue is my favorite color and silver is my favorite accent color. They
    also look better together than blue/bronze. For those of us who have read the books
    AND seen the movies, we know what the real canon colors are and for me at least
    that is enough. It wouldn’t matter to me which colors you chose because I would
    love you guys regardless :)

  34. I just want it to be on the record that I, personally, am not a fan of the blue and silver Ravenclaw theme, but since I’m a Slytherin, I don’t feel it’s my place to say what they can’t wear.

  35. Well.  I’m a conventional persone, and a fanatic fan i guess, I like the bronze, and I’m quite irritated over the change (that I blame the movies for, not you ofcourse) but then, I’m also a Slytherin, so I thought, it doesn’t hurt me in any way, so you go have you’re logical Ravenclaw solution and I can go mutter in a corner by myself.

  36. They probably went with silver because it just looks better paired with blue.

  37. Rebeccalovesthemarauders

    I like having bronze because it’s like that in the book

    • Yes, that is generally the basic opinion of what I refer in that post as “Ravenclaw traditionalists.” I was choosing to take that base stance and elaborate on why that isn’t enough for us to go off of.

  38. Hey, just wanted to say how much I love you guys, and I totally accept any decision you make regarding the colour change! As a ravenclaw myself, I can see that you only made the most practical decision, and at the end of the day its your decision what colours YOU decide to go with. Just because you are deciding to go with the blue/silver colours, doesn’t mean that they have to switch too.

  39. I fall into the Hardcore fans category and I’m usually more of a tradionalist when it comes to merchandise based on books. However, this detail never actually bothered me. I guess to me Blue and silver works better than blue and bronze. Even if it did, I’d still buy all the ravenclaw merchandise because I want to represent my house. Can’t wait to see the ravenclaw video! Also cannot wait for the ravenclaw merch to come out so I can buy it all! 😀

  40. As a hardcore Potter fan and a Ravenclaw, I approve of your decision. Bronze isn’t a proper heraldic metal anyway (too difficult to discern from gold at a distance); it should have been silver from the start (to balance out, along with our Slytherin brethren, Huffle and Gryff’s golds). And if I’m overthinking it… well, Ravenclaw.

  41. Hey guys, i love everything you do and how much you put into everything… I myself am a harry potter fanatic (and a ravenclaw) and i think your decision is best. ( and yes, that is very ravenclaw of you)… That being said, i think i may know why the producers changed it from bronze to silver: now i am not saying jk rowling made a mistake… I love her work… But think about it: there are 4 houses in hogwarts, and three of the four have a very similar pride colour: yellow, gold, and bronze… While slytherin has silver…. So i think that they tried to make it so slytherin and ravenclaw have silver as a secondary colour and gryffindor and hufflepuff have yellow/gold as a secondary color…. Ginny, Dana, please reply and tell me your thoughts and if you think i may be right.

    • Hmm, that’s a thought, I suppose. However, Hufflepuff isn’t really black and gold, it’s black and yellow. I think the intent is that each house has a main color (scarlet, green, yellow, and blue) and then each is paired with a metallic/neutral color (gold, silver, black, bronze). But we can speculate all we like, I suppose—if WB hasn’t said anything about it, I guess we’ll never know!

      • Completely true, thanks for replying:)

      • I think Ginny’s thoughts about JK’s color choices make the most sense and are most likely true.  Black could of course represent iron as a metal which, though not considered pretty, valuable or very strong on its own, will pair up with other metals to become one of the strongest metals (steel).  This is true and rather symbolic of how Hufflepuff’s are underrated until put to the test, as Cedric was during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. 

        However, according to most heraldry the only metals represented are gold (yellow) and silver (white).  So, this step away from tradition could have been the source of the confusion.

        In any case, I will always personally prefer the bronze, a metal consisting mostly of copper and tin which are both not precious but are very practical metals.  But, I make exceptions where necessary.  In fact, I was actually fortunate enough to find a compromise tie with both silver/bronze combo stripes on a blue field.  :)

  42. Judging by the difficulty I had finding a ‘bronze’ yarn to use for making scarves, I totally support your decision.  I also suspect that one of the reasons the colors were changed for the film is the difficulty of finding a good ‘bronze’ color.  Warner Bros. has no love for Ravenclaw anyway – the ‘Official’ Sorting Hat doesn’t put anyone in Ravenclaw.  We just have to shove our way in – or answer the door’s riddle.  :-)
    Thanks for announcing your decision and reasons in advance – I would not want to see anyone smashing anything other than eggs against a sharp cornered kitchen table.
    Keep doing what you do so well – I love your videos!

    • Thanks, Marie! We’d gotten a few complaints and we were getting tired of typing the same response every time. ;D

  43. Yes, they would. Ravenclaws are logical people who value logic/knowledge over emotions. As a buissiness, catering towards a small group of clientele instead of a big group of clientele based on a sense of puritanisme isn’t logical. You might argue that Ravenclaws wouldn’t be buissiness people, but we are talking buissiness here, regardless of that. So yes, for a Ravenclaw that happens to be a buissiness person (Raverin?), this is a very likely decission. Just like a Slytherin wouldn’t even sell all four Houses if one would probably not make a profit, a Gryffindor would sell all Houses and pick the colours they like best, and a Hufflepuff would sell all Houses in all possible colours to please everyone. Not to say I like this decision, but I understand it. If we book-based colours fans would like more merchendise in those colours, I think we would be better of trying our luck at Warner Brothers self. Just like protests from fans about missing Hufflepuff merch led to more Hufflepuff merch.

    • And excellent point. If there is enough demand for “traditional” Ravenclaw colors, then everyone will start offering it, ourselves included. As it is currently, the majority of Ravenclaws seem satisfied with blue and silver. Until that changes, we are forced to pick a side, and the most logical side is that of blue and silver.

  44. That is not “so Ravenclaw of you”. Ravenclaws wouldn’t think about the money they make of the things neither put hard core fans behind sort of fans.

    • If we follow your logic, we would never get to make any more awesome videos for you guys because we would have no money to finance it. I’m sorry you feel that way, and if you are so opposed to our financial decisions, you are welcome to no longer enjoy the fruits those decisions produce for you in the form of music videos and comedy.

    • Grow up, Atale, seriously. Stop saying people aren’t “Ravenclaw” enough, it’s not a flipping competition.

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