NL Current State of affairs

NL Current State of affairs

All production and operations of Not Literally are on hold.   Erik is officially and publicly asking Dana to approve the refund of Ravenclaws donators if she is unwilling to resolve internal NL issues, as he cannot make this decision alone.   Dana refuses to do any work with Not Literally, and Erik will not perform additional work until a legally binding resolution is reached.  This can happen one of two ways:

1)  Through negotiation/agreement between Dana and Erik.  Erik has made extended efforts over the past year to this effect, and Dana has been unwilling to cooperate.  Any hope of an agreement hinges on Dana keeping her promises to negotiate.  Dana can do whatever she wants with the company. Stay, resign, dissolve it, whatever.  But it needs to be in writing.

2)  Through judicial dissolution.  Erik will not be the one to file for this, as he would rather continue on with the company, and has not been the party unwilling to negotiate and work together.  If Dana wants the company dissolved, then it is her responsibility to initiate the legal proceedings to pursue this course.

Until one of these two things happen, everything is on hold.  See additional details and FAQ below.


Dana told Erik in September 2014 she would make her decision and put it in writing.   She didn’t.

Dana told Erik in December 2014 that she would make a decision if Erik edited and posted a trailer. Erik posted a trailer.   Dana has ignored Erik’s attempts at correspondence since then.

Here are the last 3 phone calls between Erik and Dana and a copy of all emails since September 2014.





-Why is Erik not willing to finish the Ravenclaw video?

Because there is uncertainty as to the continuance of the not only the company, but of the NL videos as well.  Additionally, there are still scores of hours worth of work left to put into them. Erik is not willing to commit to finish any uncompleted work until the future of the company and the videos are known (be it through the judicial processes, or by reaching a legally binding agreement with Dana).  Dana needs to make this decision.

-Why are the videos at risk if the company is dissolved?

Unless Dana and Erik are able to reach agreement regarding terms of dissolution or terms of her resignation (either way requires Dana to be cooperative and communicative with Erik), the only other option is to allow the courts to decide the future of the company.  (a judicial dissolution)

In the case of a judicial dissolution, it is ultimately up to the courts what happens to Not Literally and the videos, and there is large uncertainty as to the outcome.  This is largely due to the inherent difficulty of valuing intangible property (the videos). Legal consultations have indicated that the most likely outcome is that the courts will force the sale of the videos (liquidate them), as cash is the easiest property to distribute.  Another undesirable outcome is that the courts may just deem the videos unusable by any party.

-Why is Erik not willing to let the videos continue on in perpetuity after the company dissolves?

Erik believes that in pursuing dissolution, what Dana would be doing is wrong – as it essentially equates to forcibly robbing him of a company he took equal part in building.  He is fine with her staying or leaving, whichever she wishes.  But it is wrong for Dana to pursue a course of action that would bar him from continuing to build on a brand he helped create, that would prevent him from earning returns for the work he has invested into it, and by expecting that his work product be put out for free.

-Dana has asked for good faith posting of the Ravenclaw video, why is he not willing?

*Dana already made a request that he post a trailer in “good faith”, with promises to then come to an agreement with him on the ownership issue. Erik complied with this request and posted this trailer in December 2014. She then continued to refuse to respond to calls, texts, and emails afterwards for months. He feels as though another request to “post something in good faith” is an attempt to continue stringing the issue along.

*Also, Dana is the one who has threatened to dissolve the company. She is also the one who has reneged on previous discussions and agreements made during these talks. Erik feels that she has set a precedence of acting in bad faith and as a result, he does not trust her to follow through with her promises once the video goes up.

*Finally, because this a pointless request.  Erik has been very upfront of his intent to finish and release the video once these issues have been resolved.  Dana has no cause to believe that Erik would not release the video once the agreements are reached, and is fully capable of incorporating whatever stipulations regarding Ravenclaws into the agreement that she deems necessary.  There is simply no good reason to refuse to reach an agreement until after the video is released.

-Why is Erik threatening to sue Dana?

He isn’t.  In the thirteen months that this has been dragging out – no such threat has ever been made to sue Dana.  He has sought legal counsel regarding the possible outcomes of a forced dissolution, as well as inquired regarding certain contract stipulations per Dana’s request, but there has been absolutely no threat made of taking legal action against her.

What about the donators?  Aren’t they owed the video?  Does Not Literally intend to scam them?

*The donators absolutely are owed either the video or a refund.  Erik has no intent of scamming them, and will have no part of it.

*Dana has indicated her willingness to post an unfinished cut of the video that doesn’t meet what was promised to the Indiegogo donators.  Erik believes this is wrong, as it is not what the fans paid for.  The fans should get a finished version, or a refund of their donations.

*In the case of judicial dissolution, the courts will decide what to do about the donators.

*However, at this point, Erik feels there is little chance that the internal issues will be resolved any time soon, and agrees to refund the Ravenclaw video donations.  As he is 50% owner, he cannot single handedly make the decision to do this.  Erik is officially and publicly asking Dana to approve the refund of Ravenclaws donators since she is unwilling to resolve internal NL issues.


Why did Erik make all this public?

*Because Erik believes the fans deserve an explanation as to what has been and is continuing to go on that is preventing completion of the video.

*Also, because Dana has continually prolonged this situation, despite having stated a willingness to come to agreement multiple times while this video and company sit in limbo. She has also refused to respond to emails, texts, calls. He feels his hands are tied, and that the fans and donators should know the circumstances, his stance on the video (whether they agree with it or not), and what the hold up is.


-What now?

All production and operations of Not Literally are on hold.  Erik will not perform additional work until a legally binding resolution is reached.  This can happen one of two ways:

1)  Through negotiation/agreement between Dana and Erik.  Erik has made extended efforts over the past year to this effect, and Dana has been unwilling to cooperate.  Any hope of an agreement hinges on Dana keeping her promises to negotiate.  Dana can do whatever she wants with the company. Stay, resign, dissolve it, whatever.  But it needs to be in writing.

2)  Through judicial dissolution.  Erik will not be the one to file for this, as he would rather continue on with the company, and has not been the party unwilling to negotiate and work together.  If Dana wants the company dissolved, then it is her responsibility to initiate the legal proceedings to pursue this course.

Until one of these two things happen, everything is on hold.

About Erik

NL Founder, VFX Artist


  1. Just discovered something:

    Erik is a liar. You can go the state’s website (Colorado) and look up the company information. Erik has always been the 100% owner of the company and still is.

    Dude lacks integrity.

    • Cool story bro.
      So Dana’s just delusional and her many many claims to be half owner are just figments of her imagination?

  2. This is embarrassing. Money wasted. Excitement wasted. A whole channel with a unique niche… wasted. Wow.

  3. So, I reported the campaign to Indiegogo, since it’s been way too damn long and nothing has been delivered. I suggest anyone who backed the project to do the same. Indiegogo has terms that actually work in favor of the backers in these situations. Report them and they’ll actually be able to bring a suit against NL to either release the video or refund the money. It sucks that it’s come to this, but if they’re going to be immature and irresponsible about it, then that’s their choice.

  4. Erik stop being a juvenile asshat and edit the god damn video, publish it and cut your losses and move on.

    Dana just sign NL over so he can publish the video and continue on with the new company you and ginny have built.

    Seriously you are both bloody adults start acting like it

  5. As an artist, I wouldn’t finish working on an album if my other mates were making threats to end the band or breaking their promises.

    Screw Dana, and screw the “fans” that are expecting him to continue working for them in that environment. They don’t deserve his work.

  6. It sounds like Dana wants everyone to have the videos and she wants to release Ravenclaw. It sounds like Erik is blackmailing Dana. Posting this really backfired. Put the damn video up and stop being children. Get to a mediator and work out your problems. Post the video, Erik.

    • I disagree. To me it sounds like Dana had been jerking him around for a while. And I believe she has every intention of continuing to ‘sit on NL until she’s 80’ to get back at her ex, regardless of whether he finishes the video or not.

      As an artist I would never ask another artist to continue working in this type of environment.

  7. Hey, sorry to everyone who’s had to wait, sorry to you all who have been scammed by NL. I found an unfinished video for you guys. Hope this helps some of you feel a bit better at least.

  8. This is getting out of hand. The Fans want to see this video, some have put money into it. It’s pretty bad that you have three houses and not the fourth. It’s rude to all the Ravenclaw’s, you had their hopes up so high and now your refusing them this wonderful video which expresses their house. Could you please put aside this feud for the fans?

  9. An half hearted video isnt anything. At the least you should give the whole video or refund. Its so childish by both of them acting this way. Theyre adults right? Not 5 year olds. Just go and cooperate.

    And Why dont DANA want to dissolve or leave the company LEGALLY on paper if she isnt even interested in working in the company? Thats really evil/ mean of her. Whats her issue? Why did she suddenly quit?

    Seriously this is spinning out of controll and very dissapointing by a channel I once actually liked.

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  10. Whats the issue with Dana? Why did she just suddenly say stop? It’s kind of douchbaggy towards the fans to drag it out for so long…

  11. I hope a decision is made soon!! I personally know a lot of people including myself who at the very least would like the last hogwarts parody before you dissolve.

  12. So, how we we go about processing a refund? The video isn’t happening, I don’t even care about it anymore. Everything that has happened has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. We backed the project expecting something to be delivered.

    • Quoting the above: “Erik feels there is little chance that the internal issues will be resolved any time soon, and agrees to refund the Ravenclaw video donations. As he is 50% owner, he cannot single handedly make the decision to do this. Erik is officially and publicly asking Dana to approve the refund of Ravenclaws donators since she is unwilling to resolve internal NL issues.”

      It sounds like Dana is being the obstacle on everything.

  13. I honestly just want the Ravenclaw Video and song I LOVE what NL has done music and video wise. We have all the other houses. Can y’all PLEASE just complete the video and put it up?? I don’t know who is to blame or not. I just feel disappointed that every other house has a song and Ravenclaw doesn’t. Call me childish or whatever but that’s how I feel. I want to buy all the songs because they are great. I do hope everything gets figures out eventually. Not sure I’m holding out much hope though. So I DO hope I can find a good Ravenclaw song. But I will say I do think it was wrong to post ALL of that. I feel you should have just written about the main problem not go into every single little detail.

  14. I’m genuinely surprised that people largely seem to be angry with Eric, and either not at all or not as much with Dana.

    If all he says is true (which seems to be the case), i’m (almost) 100% with him. His business partner is preventing him from continuing his work (by not providing work, support or even any sort of agreement to continue working) OR refunding those that paid for it. And after all this time of inactivity (and no doubt countless questions and demand by their fans), he’s just very fed up with this and understandably escalates things to force her to do something – anything. I don’t condone all this personal information being released, but looking at the previous statement on this site…lots of people blaming *him* for everything. In that situation, I would also do what’s neccessary to show people who’s really to blame.
    And: Being “depressed” is not an excuse for anything. She had a long time to either make up her mind anyway, seek help or delegate the responsibility to someone who isn’t.

    And I do have to wonder if the genders of the people involved has anything to do with this reaction. Poor, pretty girl under attack by evil ex-boyfriend? Maybe i’m wrong, but i have to wonder whether the backlash was the same if the roles were reversed.

    I really liked everything that NL released, but i wonder if i can still watch any of it now and enjoy it, knowing what went on behind the scenes. :(

    • What’s to be surprised about? He’s an abusive jackass who posted someone’s very private and personal information online in a pathetic attempt to gain support. Even if he were right on the business side (he’s not); he’d still be the wrong one for pulling this moronic stunt.

      It’s not all true; we know because he’s contradicted himself.
      Dana isn’t preventing him from finishing the video. He has it; all the scenes are complete, he just has to finish editing (which is his job).
      Yeah no; she was going through things and told him that and within a month he had decided to post this bullshit. The inactivity afterwards came from the fact that his stunt means they can only work through a mediator now. (That’s what happens when someone betrays you and posts personal information online).

      We blame him because it’s his fault. He refused to negotiate with her; bullied her to try and get his way, and when she didn’t agree fast enough he post personal information online. He’s a dick.

      And he did show who;s to blame, him. In case you didn’t read between the lines; he stalled everything and held the video hostage unless Dana signed an agreement in advance to let him have the entire company rather than shut it down. He wants a 100% of a company that was built by three people; that’s a dick move. And to hold the video hostage makes it worse.

      Yeah; first off; you’re a gigantic dick for putting depressed in quotes as if it’s not real and for downplaying what depression does to a person. Depression an be hell; and one month (that’s all he gave her; it’s in the emails he posted) is not nearly enough time to try and deal with a severe mental illness. Nor should she be forced to bend to his will just because he’s impatient and unwilling to compromise.

      Yeah, no; it has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with the fact he’s and abusive asshole who violated her privacy and held the video hostage.
      You are wrong and if you want to see the backlash when roles are reversed just look up the countless girls who’ve been crucified online for far less. Hell; look up Zoe Quinn who got far worse for far less and who was actually innocent of the things she got crucified for. The idea that people are pissed at Erik because he’s a guy is demonstrably ridiculous and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the issue and why people are pissed.

      Well good news; you clearly don’t know what went on behind the scenes so you can enjoy it till your heart’s content.

      Seriously; look at the emails he posted here. October 22nd she says she’s going through personal things and won’t be able to really dive into his list of demands for at least a couple weeks. And by December 4th he’s posted a message to the facebook group telling them he’s going to expose everything; and didn’t say a word about it to her until she brought it up.
      It’s escalation of force. They both made mistakes in the beginning; but he retaliated to a night raid with a full scale nuclear attack.

      • This is a company, this isn’t a support group. You can’t sit on your hands and shrug and say you can’t do shit. This drama bullshit is why I’m unsubscribing. These ppl aren’t serious and purely childish.

  15. I’ve never seen such childish immaturity displayed by a “professional” company before. This all just seems ridiculous. I think you would have less backlash and grief from your fans and donators if you didn’t post your entire arguments and business affairs to the public. I cannot see how this will turn out good for you or your company. A simple apology might not have gotten the forgiveness or sympathy you wanted, but it would have been the professional thing to do. I know my comment here isn’t going to do much to change what you do or how you see this whole ordeal, but I still thought I should vent my frustration in the chance that you may just give up on this whole ownership of the company and video. I come here every few months just to check if this feud has died down enough so I can watch the one video everyone who comes here is waiting for. I doubt you’ll ever get back the fan base you used to have just from the fact you lost Ginny, let alone the lack of content and integrity you once had. But at least you could end all this with a sliver of respect.

    • I check in every so often as well, and like you Josh, I do so in case the finished Ravenclaw video is available.

      At this point I think I’m just throwing in the towel and considering it a lost cause. Too bad, because it would have been a nice thing to have gotten to see all 4 House videos.

  16. This is just sad. It seems there is pettiness everywhere. Not literally used to make me happy which is hard because I struggle with severe depression. Now I go on their channel at leat once a week to see if they posted the ravenclaw video but nope just disappointment. Do you guys even read the comments? Have you seen all the hurt, outrage and disappointment? No one wants to be the bigger person and it’s not fair. I hope you’re happy that you guys went from making me smile to breaking my heart. I’m done with all of you.

  17. I am so sorry this is happening. I would be heartbroken if the company was dissolved and I couldn’t watch these amazing videos. I hope Dana signs the company over to you, Erik. And you can go on making wonderful videos that people love so much. Thank you for the updates it means a lot.

    • do you really think that someone who records phone calls without the other party’s consent and then blasts them on the internet for all to see should have the company? Because that would be horrifying.

    • Sometimes you reap what you sow.

      A chronic liar has not been wronged when those they lie about/to take measures to catch them in the act and prove them as liars. They had the option of simply not lying in the first place.

      An individual who has crafted an outside perception that they are faultless in the failures of a group has not been wronged when those they have pointed the blame towards reveal the truth. They had the option of taking responsibility for their part in the failure. More importantly, they also had the option of doing everything in their power to avoid the failure so that they would be truly faultless.

      And a person who no longer desires to be part of a group/community/collaboration should neither expect nor seek control over the group/community/collaboration they are leaving.

      That there are people who believe that it is okay to behave in such ways (especially at the expense of others), and that they are somehow the victim, is what is truly horrifying.

  18. This is a really immature and low blow. I’m so glad that Ginny got out when she could. Seriously people, what would JK Rowling do? Suck it up and finish it without lawyers or pointing fingers. Someone, anyone, please be the grown up.

  19. First, why would you film the phone calls and show us the e-mails? What’s the point other than trying to make Dana look bad and failing, managing to do the COMPLETE opposite. Second, I just think you should post the videos and get on with your lives. There is a right and a wrong here, and you’re both tiptoeing on the line. Just please act like calm and rational adults and I think that you’re both trying to do what’s right for the fans, but dissolving the company isn’t right and neither is not posting the video. Just please…stop acting like children…

  20. This is just showing that Dana wants what is best for the fans and then to deal with her life. And shows Erik is just childish and obviously cares more about money. In the second video at 5:40 he literally admitted to blackmailing Dana with the video, and along with the illegally recorded phone calls he is legally in the wrong. In this post he seems petty and rude, not caring about the fans one bit.

    • lol what? Dana is the one who doesnt want to do anything with the company, shes ”done with it” as she says, she doesnt want to do anymore work on the video and wants to post an unfinnished project (although she agreed she would be involved with the editing). She keeps delaying the agreement while Eric is constantly trying to contact her, she has other things to do. She blackmailed him that if he made the trailer that she would make a contract and make her decision, well, he did the trailer and… its been 10 months and still nothing. She lied to the public saying eric doesnt let her do things while all she needed to do is make a contract and this whole thing would be over. Im not saying Eric is a super awesome person and I dont really know what he wants to do with the company and videos, but lets just stop pretending that Dana is flawless wonderful and isnt equally to be blamed for what is happening. She tried so hard to present herself as an innocent victim in all of thiss on all social media- well I guess it worked, media campains work, especially for pretty women pretending to be victims.

      • Sweetie, I suggest you look up the definition of blackmail and harassment.
        One of the definitions of blackmail is to force (someone) to do something by using threats or manipulating their feelings. Dana is not blackmailing Erik. She said that she would make a decision if he posted the trailer. She is not threatening him by saying she would come to a decision if he posted the trailer.
        Another definition of blackmail is to demand money from (a person) in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person. This sounds an awful lot like what Erik is doing by releasing these illegal (reference: ) audio recordings.
        Also, you saying “[Dana] keeps delaying the agreement while Erik is constantly trying to contact her, she had other things to do” would be like you saying “harassment is okay!”
        Before you try to argue with me about whether or not it is harassment, harassment is defined as aggressive pressure or intimidation.

        I’m not for either side of this riff in the company. I just want to make sure people aren’t catching the stupids by saying something without researching their topic before submitting it online.
        Erik and Dana are each sounding accusatory to the other parties in this, but Dana is handling herself in a more mature manner by not unnecessarily publishing private email correspondences and illegal recordings concerning this issue, which Erik has been doing. He could have instead just stated that there are internal issues with the company that they are having trouble resolving and that they will resume making videos with posthaste once an agreement is reached.

    • Its not illegal to record your own phone calls on your own phone.

  21. Wow, what an asshole this Erik is! Taping Dana’s phone calls, publishing her private information – even if he was in the right (which he is not), he would still be a terrible person!

  22. Hi Guys!

    Who else would like to see Not literally get back to making awesome things again? We can do this, you guys. We can rebuild it. Stronger, faster, better than ever! Erik, Dana… join us… we too have cookies.

  23. I just need to get this off my chest. I’m really enraged by Dana’s behavior lately. From what I understand and see, she is the lowest contributor to Not Literally. She didn’t write the songs and come up with the clever content. That was Ginny. She didn’t do the technical work behind the videos like filming, editing, and graphic effects. That was Erik.
    She really didn’t do anything but sing (and not even as well as Ginny) and look pretty.

    Of all the members, she is the last one who should get a say in what happens to the company after she decided to leave. Which she already decided, and is now just stalling at everyone elses expense.
    And of all the members, she is the last one who should have got to go to Geekycon as staff this year.

    Shame on you Geekycon. I will not be attending your convention again.
    Shame on you Dana. Get over yourself and move on with your life.

  24. When are you two going to knock off this B.S. and finally get this resolved? Sounds to me like you are making it much harder than it needs to be. You need to either finish up the video and send out what perks you can to the contributors or start sending out refunds or both. You have the music, you can at the very least put that out on iTunes or whatever. The longer you drag this out the more fans you lose until NL completely dies off (if it hasn’t already). Killed by the remaining members, bickering until the end of time.

  25. Wow. Just wow.

    Erik, you may have been trying to make yourself look better, but instead, you’ve come off as self-centered bully. At best. I listened to most of the phone calls (sorry, Dana – I didn’t want to jump to conclusions without doing so and take his word for what you said), and dude, as someone who’s seen abuse, you pinged all my red flags. You were trying to browbeat her, manipulate her, and (I suspect) gaslight her. That’s a terrible thing to do in general, but it’s particularly terrible to do to someone who’s grappling with depression. What the hell is wrong with you?

    I’m just glad that she isn’t letting you push her around. This “No, there’s no possible way to do that, just trust me, I know”? Bull shit. You are not a lawyer. You admitted that you hadn’t consulted with a lawyer who specializes in this. You cannot know that. And you admitted later that you didn’t know! It’s so ridiculous, and tells anyone who’s paying attention that you’re using the oldest tactics in the book to push her into doing exactly what you want.

    And this “I was just so frustrated!” nonsense? Please. You were recording her without her consent months before you supposedly got so frustrated. That’s illegal in most states, you know. Or does your lawyer knowledge not extend that far?

    Shame on you. Put the damn unfinished video up, and stop clutching your pearls. Your creative integrity or whatever is out the window, and at this point, getting it done is a hell of a lot more important than getting it done right.

  26. you need to get shit together. Sorry, but you’ve ALREADY BEEN PAID and you must either deliver the product or refund everybody IN FULL. If that means you guys/the company take a hit, that’s too bad. I’m honestly baffled by how unprofessional and petty you 3 have been. Nobody cares, at this point, who is to blame for this whole debacle all they want is their money/the video. I used really like you guys’s videos but now I can’t even watch them without being reminded what absolutely terrible you people you guys are, to your fans/donators and frankly to yourselves. At this point there’s almost nothing you could do to save the Not Literally brand. Do the right thing either post the video or give the people their money back. No more of the pussyfooting around.

    • In fairness, it doesn’t seem to me that Ginny’s been unprofessional and petty at all – she’s kept the private disputes private, where they belong. And I don’t think Dana’s been particularly unprofessional, either – she’s kept shit private, too, and Erik’s insistence that he needs to know where she stands is bullshit. Dude, if you’re that concerned, find a lawyer yourself, sit down with them yourself, and figure out what your options are re: keeping the videos available, since that seems to be your main issue with finishing this one.

  27. I just want the Ravenclaw video. I have all the songs so few about Harry Potter and its driving me up a wall that I font have the Ravenclaw song so please I beg of you guys please upload the video on YouTube because believe me I’m not the only one that has been waiting for this video.

  28. Absolutely appalled by the behavior of Dana Ritterbusch. What has been done here is childish, skeezy and potentially fraudulent. You took nearly TEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS from a bunch of kids, and then didn’t even so much as care about a finished product.

    Just throw everyone a half-assed video and call it a day, eh? THANK YOU, Erik, for showing us what a slime ball Dana is. I am personally sending all of this to the media, in hopes they pick up this story.

    • Wow. Did you listen to those illegally and unethically recorded conversations at all, or read between the lines of what he posted? Because I’m getting a different picture.

    • What the hell is wrong with you, Joshua? Are you really that gullible, or is this just a fake account written by Erik?

  29. You two need to come to an agreement. I understand that it’s not that simple but the fans including me have been waiting for this for months. You guys owe us at least a cut of the song chosen to parody or something! This is getting ridiculous and quite frankly, if you two can’t come to an agreement I think that everyone who donated gets the unfinished video and their refund. They put effort into helping get this thing made:

  30. Dear Dana,

    My name is Krissi. I just recently read what is going on. I understand what your doing. I have a lot of fun wqtchong not-literally. It is my number 1 favorite YouTube channel. I am an heir to a property management company. I’m still learning how to run a company and I’m only 19. I just want to ask you to do whats right. Go with what your heart tells you. Just please think about what was ppromised. That’s all I’m asking.

    Krissi Hawks

    Just because someone stumbles and looses their way, does not mean to give up.
    Can you not give up for us?

  31. theoretically, can you sell the videos to a trusted party so that if the company is theoretically dissolved then the videos will not be liquidated.

  32. Can’t we all just have the video? People paid for it, there’s a trailer up. So long as the song is all there and the basic whatnot is going on, I could give a care less. Seriously, I’m a Ravenclaw and I’ve been waiting forever for at this video! All my friends have theirs and they are perfectly happy with it. But I don’t even get to have an opinion on mine because I can’t see it! It’s not fair to the fans!

    • Ideally the judge dissolving the business would choose to respect the rights of the donors and thus not allow a sale to anyone other than someone that would release the video.

      But in practice probably the judge can do anything, including making it so no one can see any of the videos, even the older videos.

      I wish Erik just started his own crowdsource funding controlled by him to raise funds for a video showing him editing the ravenclaw video. Then he can know he’ll get paid in advance for doing the editing for the video. Then he can edit it. And release it. Then everyone can get the video.

      Then he should probably sell his share in the business to a third party for a price he thinks is fair. Then maybe things can move on.

      At least then Erik can set his own prices, the video gets made, and people can move on without the risk of a judge making it so all the videos are gone forever.

      And what’s the alternative? No one gets the Ravenclaw video? And no one gets paid?

  33. I’m sad and disappointed that things are going this way.

    Not Literally should dissolve and Erik shouldn’t keep the company either. Who’s going to want to work with a company that behaves this way or donate things to a company that acts this way.

    I think most fans would rather see an unfinished Ravenclaw video than get refunds.

    As far as the gross (and potentially illegal) recording phone calls and posting- Erik knew he was recording Dana and acted accordingly. Dana seems like a responsible person and Erik is blackmailing/ holding things hostage.

    This is so sad to see the company end this way. Yuck.

  34. Thank you Erik for posting this.
    Frankly, I agree with you we deserve a full explanation. Not a half baked one that “we are working it out” so thank you for taking the initiative and the courage it took to post all this up.

    Seriously Erik Thank You!

  35. Not sure what state you guys are in, but is this even legal to have been recorded? I know CA is a two-party consent state for recording a conversation.

  36. Erik, most of what there is to say has been said. Stop acting childish, make up your mind, etc. This is killing y’alls public image. Regardless, thank you for at least giving the update. I did not listen to the calls/read the e-mails, but those were most definetly unnecessary. After this point, only post information on this topic if it takes a major turn one way or the other please. I’d prefer that the video gets finished, but please sort it out between yourselves from this point on. Thanks.

  37. That’s ridiculous. And childish.

  38. I think no matter what happened, you owe a product to the guys who paid you.
    It doesn’t matter who did what and who didn’t. You as a company promised something to the people and they paid you for it. You have to deliver the product. If Dana and Ginny don’t want to work anymore, that’s fine. But they have already been paid for it, so they have to do it. After that they can stop of course, whatever. But the point is, that they have to work on Ravenclaws video and they have to finish it.
    Erik, it doesn’t matter if the video will be taken down eventually. You have to provide it, because that’s what people paid for. So man up and finish the video with the material you already have. There are shots missing? So what, fill the video with footage you have.
    And really, this is business, nobody wants to here you whining about it.

    • Isnt that somewhat the point? Im not on anyones side here, but if all three of them singned on to doing the Ravenclaw video and that was increadibly specific (on what the money is for and what is going to happen with it) And Dana does not want to do that and she repeatedly stated she doesnt care about it. Publishing an unfinished product and her being ”comfortable with the edit the way it is”- unfinished is unprofesional and kind of legally problematic. It is also legally problematic to ask Erik to finnish it on his own ”for the fans” because it belongs to the company. If Dana gives the company to Erik then he could finish it alone and post it. Right now it seems as if Dana is just using her position to torture Erik because he seems to be the one who cares for the company and wants to continue it, while Dana ”doesnt care” and is ”done with it”. So basically she can blackmail him to do all kinds of stuff before she decides, and if he does anything else with the company she can choose to dissolve it all and destroy all of his work. She doesnt want to have anything to do with the company, and cares so much about posting the video for the fans, she can just give the company to Erik and let him finish it and post it, ”for the fans”.

    • You’re right, this is business. I think a key point is that it is partly Erik’s business so if he doesn’t want to keep working under Dana’s threats and demands or lose his company because Dana “can’t let him keep it”.

      I would absolutely rather hear him whine about it than wait in the dark. And no, they do not ‘have’ to deliver the product. They do not ‘have’ to work on it. They do not ‘have’ to finish it. Their obligation to the fan ends at paying them back if they don’t.

    • Man, I am super glad I didn’t buy anything, because I was a huge fan back then.

  39. Well, looks like I’m a little bit late to the party. But I am (was) a fan of Not Literally so I feel obligated to say something on the matter. Where to begin?

    I’d like to address everyone involved in this sordid affair in one way or another, but first I’ll give a general overview of how I feel about it. Neither Erik nor Dana is handling this the right way. I’ve been a fan of Not Literally for quite a while, and I loved it. I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t, but that’s beside the point. What I always admired was the professionalism. I always loved how they kept their fans informed, and whatnot. Most importantly, they never involved their fans in their personal issues.

    This is not professional.

    Professionals don’t keep their fans in the dark for a year, then finally shed a bit of light in such a violent way. But that’s where I’m torn. Do we have a right to know what’s going on, even if it’s in this way? Erik could have left it at the recent post “Where’s the Ravenclaw video? What’s up with NL?” but he felt the need to post this as well. This brings me to what I really feel the need to discuss. People here in the comments have already addressed pretty much everything I intend to say, but I still feel the need to make my voice heard. I am, or was, a fan too, you know.

    Regarding Erik. He’s heard it before, but this post was a massive invasion of Dana’s privacy. Posting private emails and phone calls is a seriously childish thing to do, and I’m not surprised that Dana doesn’t want to cooperate with him if this is the way he acts. But on the other hand, Dana refused to cooperate with him for an extended period of time when cooperation was critical, which is also very childish. Only after this post did Dana make a public statement about what’s going on here, so mission accomplished, I guess. Clearly both parties here are at fault, but there’s still more to be said. The fact still stands that Erik has refused to do any work on the Ravenclaw video. I get it, though; he was promised help, then Dana went back on her word and now Erik feels abandoned. I have one thing to say to that: get over it. Erik wants justice, because he’s been betrayed; he feels he’s owed help on the video and he’s not receiving it, so he made this post as a vigilante effort to make us see his side of things. That’s where the problem lies, though. Erik wants personal justice, but he can’t seem to see the injustice being forced upon the fan community. What about the donors who paid for a video that hasn’t been released so long after they gave their money, and didn’t even get a refund? What about the entire fanbase, for that matter, who were also promised that video? Sometimes it’s best to take the high road, even if that means letting someone get away with something that’s not right. It would be best for the community.

    Regarding Dana. Her hands aren’t clean either. She refused to communicate with Erik for an extended period of time, further delaying the Ravenclaw video. She abandoned Erik after agreeing to help. After proclaiming she was done with NL, nothing really happened. So many months after the calls and emails, she hasn’t officially decided whether to leave the company, or to dissolve it, it would seem. She could have cooperated at least until the Ravenclaw video was complete, or at least kept in contact with Erik, or whatever. So far as I can see, she has made no effort to see the video to completion. According to her tumblr post regarding this affair, she is “disappointed and deeply saddened by Erik’s decision to continually and publicly involve fans in private and rather unpleasant company business.” Whether Erik’s decision was right or wrong, does Dana really have a right to say something like this? Erik argues that he had no choice, that Dana had forced his hand, and I can’t help but feel that this argument might be justified. If Dana had been actively working to resolve this issue and Erik had made this post, that would be one thing. Now Dana claims her goal is for a finished version of the Ravenclaw parody to be published, because that’s what the fans deserve. Before she said she really didn’t care if the video was finished or not. As with her decision on the fate of the company, she continually contradicts herself. In her blog posts she played the victim, trying to put as much of the blame on Erik as possible. Erik did the same thing here.

    Regarding Ginny. I know Ginny wasn’t really involved in this mess, but she was a founding member of Not Literally as well, so I feel she must be addressed. She seems to have left before this whole civil war broke out, but didn’t give much explanation as to why. I can’t help but feel like she knew this would happen and decided to avoid any involvement in it. I can’t help but feel a little bit of resentment for her for not seeing the Ravenclaw video through to the end. Maybe if she had stayed, NL wouldn’t have fallen apart like it did. I know it’s unfair to try to blame Ginny for anything at all, I guess that’s just me as a fan trying to piece things together with my limited knowledge. Based on just the facts though, Ginny does not deserve any of the blame at all. After all that’s been said and done, she’s the only one I can still respect.

    Regarding the whole matter. Not Literally seems to be coming to a most pitiable end. Nothing lasts forever, I suppose, but I didn’t foresee NL having such a short life. They say only the good die young, but I’m not sure how true that is in this case. Both Dana and Erik acted childishly, and if they had only put their differences aside, they could have finished the Ravenclaw video, gone their own separate ways and let NL die in peace. But they didn’t. They let it fall into a dark age, then involved their fans in an argument they had no place in. Whether that helps the matter or complicates it isn’t really clear, but it would have been best if there had been no need for it in the first place. I guess we’re not getting the full picture as to why NL fell apart, and Dana and Erik certainly aren’t obligated to tell us anything more than they already have. I guess I’m just sad that it had to end this way. Would I rather have been kept in the dark, and never have heard anything about this issue at all? I’m not sure.

    Regarding the future. Finish and release the video. Refund the money. I don’t care what you do, I just want this to be over. I don’t really care if the company gets dissolved, or if Erik chooses to go on with it. Obviously the ideal future would be one where everyone forgets about the past, Erik and Dana settle their differences, Ginny comes back and they go on happily making videos, but that doesn’t seem likely at all. Should Erik choose for NL to continue with himself and whoever else he ends up working with, I’m not sure I’d be happy about that. With all due respect, I never watched Not Literally for Erik. I watched it for Ginny and Dana, but seeing as they’ll probably never work together again, I guess the only thing I could hope for is a new cast who do a half decent job at being like them. The best way for this to go is for the issue to be settled, and for Not Literally to die with the legacy it has, despite how shameful it has become.

    [That’s just my opinion on the matter, and it may have gotten a bit convoluted because I said more or less everything I had to say all at once and I’m not going to proofread it, so if anyone does end up reading it, just be aware that I may not have conveyed my thoughts very clearly or the way I meant them to be.]

    • Also, having just listened to the phone calls, my opinions have changed a little. I still think it’s wrong for Erik to have recorded and posted them, however. It seemed at the end like things were going relatively peacefully and progress was being made, but seeing as it has been months since then and we were still left in the dark, that’s probably not very accurate. Overall the use of these calls were unfair and they’re unreliable as any kind of evidence as Erik recorded them knowing they were being recorded and could have easily watched his words to make himself seem like the victim. (At one point he denied having said something and Dana seemed pretty adamant that he had said it. I forget what exactly it was but he probably wouldn’t have denied it if he wasn’t recording the call.)

      I wasn’t aware before of any issues between Ginny and the others, but seeing as Erik accused her of being a liar and Dana called her a harpy, I was wrong there as well.

      Their discussions have caused me to reconsider my viewpoint of keeping the fans in the dark somewhat. Dana didn’t want to ruin “those kids'” perception of Not Literally, but Erik felt it was necessary to tell us what was going on. Dana wanted to tell us something, but twist it so all the blame would be on Erik.

      I still think the whole matter was very childish on both parts, and I guess it comes down to who was “less wrong.” It doesn’t really matter to me though. They’re both wrong and it’s not about them, it’s about the fans who paid for a video that they’re not getting. That needs to be resolved, then Not Literally needs to die. I really hate that it’s come to that but what was a beloved haven for fans has become a group of people who are constantly hostile toward each other, and though NL’s reputation has died, we’re left to watch its members try desperately to hold together their personal reputations. Erik’s ruined both of them with this post. Whether his intent was to hurry the process along despite making himself look like an asshole or if he honestly thought this would make us think better of him.

  40. Quite frankly I am appalled that you would secretly record private conversations and then share them with the internet at large. It does not make you look smart, or right, it makes you look like bully.

    I won’t be listening out of respect for Dana’s privacy.

  41. you are both been ass hole’s and kids

  42. Erik: You’re refusing to do work that donors paid for. This project was funded three times as much as you asked for, and that included editing and effects. Be a professional and do your job. Don’t be silly: quit talking about “not willing to commit to finish any uncompleted work,” quit talking about deleting videos, and quit secretly recording conversations (and for crying out loud, quit posting secret recordings! Holy crap!). Just do your job and post the video! It’s been a year and a half! Then work out your business/personal issues with a judge or mediator or something, not online. You are the one ruining your brand name right now, nobody else. Nobody needed to hear any of this garbage. This is so unprofessional, and so disappointing. Just do your job. Seriously. Whatever y’all decide to do with the company should have zero bearing on whether you upload the finished video. (Hint: finish and upload the video. We don’t care about the other stuff.)

    Dana: Maybe you don’t care if a half-assed video gets posted, but we do! We want (and paid for, and waited for) a high-quality video up to your usual standards. Again: it was funded three times the requested amount! Offering an unfinished video a year and a half later is not professional. If you still have unfinished work left on the video, you should do it! You seem to think you’re taking the high road on social media but you’re doing just as much childish mud-slinging as Erik is. “I am disappointed and deeply saddened by Erik’s decision to continually and publicly involve fans in private and rather unpleasant company business” …. And you’re not doing the exact same thing?? Your passive-aggressive tweeting isn’t somehow morally better than Erik’s aggressive tweeting.

    Ginny: Good for you for getting out of this and away from these two.

  43. I posted this on my tumblr page [I have no desire to jump into the tank on FB]
    But I wanted to say my peice here as well.

    An open letter to Dana Ritterbusch:

    I want to make a couple things clear right off the bat. I am not your friend [although we do have a mutual facebook friend, but we’ve never met]. I’ve never met Erik or Ginny, and they aren’t my friends either. I am simply a long time Not Literally fan [thanks to that mutual facebook acquaintance], and a donor to the Ravenclaws video. I have followed you guys since early on, and now I’d like to tell you how I feel about you. You were always my favorite of the group, until now. You have contradicted yourself. You are screwing over your fans. And you are acting like a total hypocrite.

    You pretend to be an advocate of the fans. Then you post nonsense like “I don’t care if the editing is up to normal NL standards. I care that the fans/extras/crew get what they donated money and time for.” I and the other fans donated money for a good video, not for a half finished product. I care very much if it is up to normal NL standards, because that’s what I was expecting. The fact that you don’t care about the quality is beside the point, and is a self serving stance. We, the donors, do care.

    You also posted a promise to your fans that your intent and plan was not to dissolve. At the end of the second phone conversation you say “very likely I will want to dissolve the company”. So which of these is your stance? Are you giving up the idea of dissolving the company or not?
    And if you really don’t want to dissolve, and really don’t care what Erik does with the brand, then why aren’t you acting like it? Be a bigger person instead of someone who just wants to fight to fight. Get this garbage resolved so that we can have our finished video in all its glory, or at least give us refunds if you can’t find it in your heart to be .

    You tweet “I won’t be told I have to decide the future of my relationship with the company or Smarter won’t get released”. Have you listened to yourself in those calls? It sounds like you’ve already decided your future with Not Literally. You said it like a dozen times that you are completely finished and “checked out” of Not Literally. You even go so far as to say it doesn’t “rank” on your priority list. So why are you lingering? It really does look like you stick around just because you want to fight with Erik. You are acting like a toddler. Grow up.

    You accused your business partner of coercion. But he appears to have some good reasons for not wanting to finish the video right now. Not Literally is his brainchild too, isn’t it? He has put time into it, hasn’t he? Did you really expect him to keep working after you told him you wanted to end his company? If your employer came to you today and said we’re firing you after you finish this project, would you really stick around?
    And I can see from how you went from resigning in one call to dissolving in the next why he wouldn’t trust you. What I can’t see is why you don’t just wall your talk and be done with it. Instead your dangling an already-made decision over your business partner like a carrot on a stick to force him to do something he wants to do anyway. I think your exact words were “unfortunately for you I’m in the position of power”. What the hell, Dana? What’s with the power trip? I don’t think you really care about the video, company, or fans at all. You’re too busy throwing around your “power” over the company to care. THAT is coercion Dana. If you really cared about your fans you’d stop with the power trip, and do what needs to be done so that the finished video will get released.

    As for being anti-bullying; you could not be anymore of a hypocrite. We’ve all heard you call Ginny “a harpy” in private, so it’s not unbelievable that you’d talk shit about your other business partner behind his back as well. The lengths that some of your acquaintances have gone to just to dominate the facebook page with backlash against Erik makes it hard to take anything they say or posted on any social media in your defense seriously. Frankly, it looks like a shark tank, and you are the one coming off looking like the bully.

    And your posts don’t have me believing one bit that you’re some well intentioned selfless victim who is getting picked on by the big bad mean Erik. This looks like a “front your posting” [your words] to confuse the issue.
    I and other fans aren’t stupid, Dana. We can see from what had come to light in last few days that you don’t give a crap about your fans. And thanks to your minions the motive is also obvious: this is a personal issue for you. This is about exerting control over and getting back at an ex boyfriend. I do not think it is ok at all that the donors and fans have to suffer just because you don’t like Erik.

    As for the video you have released. I want you to understand that as a donor I don’t feel like posting a low quality incomplete version to your tumblr page meets what we were promised in your funding campaign. I am due a shirt. And I am due a completed version of the video up to the quality that NL is known for. If you can’t swallow your bitterness long enough to make that happen, then I am at least due a refund.

    So I want to hear from you, Dana. Not your sharks; they have made themselves clear. Not Erik; he has made his position clear. From you. Your donors want an answer. And your donors want action. What are you going to do? And when are you going to do it?

  44. Unbelievable. If nothing else, I feel I now have a much more profound understanding of why Dana wants nothing more to do with you.

    Please just give us either the unfinished or finished video. You, Erik, have the power to do either of those things. Nothing to do with Dana, or Ginny, or the fans – just you. Trying to use the situation to paint Dana in a bad light – and failing spectacularly – is sad and unnecessary.

  45. You want to continue this company? HA! I will not support someone who makes such an asshole move. I don’t care how much you say “I’m doing this for the fans”, or “I didn’t know what else to do”. These phone calls do nothing except prove that Dana cares about the fans and you [Erik] care only about your pocket, a pocket that will be just as empty since Dana and Ginny are gone.

    What I see from these calls (and the fact that you are videoing them) is that you are trying to entrap her. You know that they are being recorded, and you are forming what you say so that you can try, and fail, to make her look bad. You are spinning things to fit your version of the story, and it’s just wrong. If you think you can use these in a court of law, I hope you get laughed out. A call where you record it, and talk knowing it is being recorded (and the other person doesn’t) is just fucking wrong.

    I’m not even able to maintain a fully continuous train of thought, because I am so pissed off that these girls have to deal with a manipulative jerk like you.

  46. I just want to say that until this post I honestly didn’t know who was in the wrong. Well, I think I know now.

    You seem to be under the bizarre impression that this was going to make you look better, Erik. But starting with the very basic, I’m not sure what state you and/or Dana are in, but depending on where you are, you may have broken the law by recording her without her knowledge. At the least, you’ve been a passive-aggressive skeev. Congratulations. And the calls themselves? Dana is NOT the person who comes off badly in them, dude. You’ve been talking recently like she was totally cool with signing an agreement that would end up liquidating the videos, and yet these recordings make it clear that that is something she really, really doesn’t want. She talks about extremely private things, such as her struggles with depression, that both go a long way to reasonably explain why she is having such a hard time dealing with this drama and simultaneously make you look like a total heartless asshole for callously betraying the trust she put in you and sharing that private info with the internet in an effort to make her look bad. Seriously?

    This isn’t just astoundingly unprofessional – it’s baffling that you really thought this would work in your favor. I can say this, I now feel like I understand why Dana is finding it impossible to force herself to pick up the phone when you call. I doubt knowing now that you’ve been recording her like the fricking NSA will make make her much more inclined to do so. Despite having eagerly waited so many years for the Ravenclaw video, I can’t say I blame her. Mission accomplished?

  47. Erik, near the end of the second phone call Dana says that she was in a state of crippling depression to the point where she couldn’t remember what year it was. Do you really think that Dana wanted the public to know that? You really didn’t need to post any of this, you could have gone to her house or waited for her to email/call/text you back. What the hell, man.

  48. I have read all of this crap going on for the past few days. But this? Tapping phone calls and making them public? I believe you could be sued for this. My interest in Not Literally used to be personal – but now – it is monetary. How much money is made off of the videos? I don’t even know. But I do know what is behind all of this crap going on. It’s about someone being jealous, petty, and completely unprofessional. Erik, I don’t know you, but I do have a question. Do you have the creative talent and skills to put the Ravenclaw video together? I question that because it would seem that having to find the money to pay back all of the people who donated would be much harder than just putting the Ravenclaw video together. And the crap about not wanted to expend the work if the company is dissolved? That is all it is – crap. It seems to me that if you are the only person left in Not Literally – you would make whatever money there is to be made through the publishing of the video. I would buy it on I-Tunes… only because two actors in that video are very special to me. So no thanks for the updates Erik – quite frankly they have made me doubt your abilities to even put the Ravenclaw video together. So – I guess you better start finding the money to pay everyone back. The fact that no one from NL either now or then has become involved in your public degradation is to their credit… not yours. Bottom line — according to these phone calls and what you have said – Dana just wanted to resign – so no dissolving of Not Literally is necessary. You are the one that keeps talking about dissolving. Dana was willing to give you her resignation notice – sorry I had to repeat that twice – because you don’t seem to HEAR. So – let her resign… you find other people to join NL with you. But for crying out loud – do SOMETHING besides spending your time doing this. What will it be Erik? Giving our money back or publishing that video or taking Not Literally and making it great again.

  49. What about at least releasing a audio only of the song itself? At least we could hear the work done. Maybe a choice of a free download of the audio instead of a refund?

  50. Well, I think Dana should finally say what she wants! I understand Erik and I also understand Dana. But this isn’t something you can wait and wait and wait just to make a disicion months or years later. Well the situation is not awesome and it maybe needs time to think before you do something, but here are also other people involved! Your Fans, the once who Paid for this Video! It seems very shitty of your Company posting this ask Westeros Videos a whole year and not the one your Fans paid for! This is mean, really! Like oh we are not interested in finishing this video so you can see what you paid for, let’s do other stuff first.
    I understand you Erik, the feeling like you need something to force Dana to say what is going on now with NL, but this is just very bad for all your fans.
    I will be very sad if I never gonna see the Ravenclaw Video and so will be nearly all your fans.

    So I hope there will be answers soon, also this video.

    PS.: Lies are Sh*t! And so are Liars! I hope everyone feels guilty.

  51. Thank you, Erik for posting this update. I hope everything gets resolved, and the out come isn’t that Not Literally is dissolved. It’s an absolutely crying shame that it’s all come to this. I sincerely hope the pair of you work this out because at some point you were clearly good friends. I doubt there’s any ill feelings between the fans and Dana (or even you) – sometimes real life just bites you on the arse and everything else falls by the wayside, regardless of any fan obligations. Dana, Erik – I wish the best for the both of you.

  52. Guys, this is ridiculous. I don’t care what happens. I don’t think anyone does. But this, especially this, is wrong. You guys have your issues. Deal with them on your own. Don’t spray them out there on the internet just to shame someone. It makes all of you look bad. Furthermore, recording phone calls without both person’s consent is illegal in most states. Stop this insanity. You’re just making me hate the company that I’ve loved for years.

  53. Erik,

    Bands break up all the time. None of them run around and try to destroy all of the albums that they made while they were together. You are acting so unprofessionally in airing the company’s business publicly. Under the guise of “informing the public” you’re taking pot shots at Dana. Now I don’t know what your relationship was or is or has been and frankly it’s none of my business and I don’t care.

    It’s something that no one outside of Not Literally ever needs to see.

    If you were professional you’d finish the project, dissolve the company and move on. But right now you are in the process of poisoning your professional reputation with these shenanigans. Do you think anyone would want to work with someone that tapes phone calls and makes them public in a misguided notion of putting pressure on someone to do something?

    Your argument: “she said she’d help and she isn’t.”

    Okay… even if that was true… even if you are 100% correct on that point. So what? That’s on her. Be the professional. Soldier through and then move on.

    Because right now you look like someone hurt that is just lashing out


    • I completely agree. You took the words right out of my mouth. There is no need to show us all of this. These are internal affairs made public. It looks like he’s trying to prove himself that he has done nothing wrong while jabbing at Dana. Of course this could all be 100% true but it still puts him in a bad light. He needs to stop playing the blame game and act professional. Especially those putting in those phone calls and emails made him look even worse. Not a good move.

  54. Oh for God’s sake. I know that on another post, I said expressly that there’s no point trying to get Ginny back, but I can’t help but think that if she were here, this stuff would be sorted like THAT. But with the way you two are acting, it’s no freaking surprise that she left. And if she were here, I bet she’d say to you what I’m saying now:

    Grow up, you two. Both of you. Erik, all of this “the fans should know” is ridiculous. You’re airing dirty laundry; keep it between you and Dana. We don’t give a heck who said what or legal action or whatever. We want the video or the money. And Dana, if you’re reading this, well, shame on you. Shame. On. You. I don’t know or care why you’ve decided to give up on NL, and I respect your decision, but at least give up gracefully.

    I loved NL. Loved, loved, loved it. You were beautiful. So beautiful and talented and creative, and it was incredible. But now, I can’t help but think that all of that has been swallowed up by childish behavior and an inability to work together.

    • Lia, I appreciate this post, nothing you’ve posted is wrong. I know this is a dick move on my part. I did it because I could see no other way to resolve this after trying to communicate with Dana for well over a year.

      • There is a different way. At least I can understand Dana’s holding onto things. I’d rather someone fight for the fans, instead of their own interests, which is what you seem to be doing.

      • Dick move?! I didn’t even bother reading the emails or listening to the phone calls (because I have no interest in supporting something like that), but according to the people who have read them, you’ve leaked incredibly personal information to the entire freaking internet! Dude, that’s not just a dick move. It’s incredibly cruel and heartless and frankly, I’m ashamed of you. Shame the hell on you. There is always a better way to deal with things than recording phone calls without someone else’s consent and posting it on the internet. And now I know exactly who’s in the wrong.

        Erik, nice going. Your plan has backfired on you and if you think for a second that we support you, well, wake up and smell the roses — we don’t. None of us are supporting you now, not after everything you’ve done.

      • “I know this is a dick move on my part.”

        You’re wrong. It’s abuse.

        Look it up.

        I’ll give you a couple research points to start from. Calling it “a dick move” is called minimization. People in abusive relationships use that tactic to downplay their culpability. They also say things like “She deserved it” (blame-shifting) and “I *had* to do it because otherwise she wouldn’t do what I wanted” (do we even need a name for this?).

        Quick question: Would you have non-consensually posted these private calls and messages with Dana if she’d been a guy? How about a guy a couple decades older than you, maybe someone in your family, someone you respected a lot…say, your father, or a mentor you trusted? Talking about depression, telling you to back the fuck off? Or is it just because this is Dana and you think she’s got it coming, and it’s for the good of the fans, so it’s all ok?

        Because the worst part of this whole situation, Erik, is not merely that you decided to do it–it’s that you don’t really see it as wrong. You STILL don’t see it as wrong. You think it’s unfortunate, perhaps, but justified and worthwhile as long as it gets the attention to which you feel entitled.


        If you agree, take down the vids and emails. If you don’t, do some research on psychological abuse. You could clearly use a few pointers on the image management that often necessarily goes with it.

      • firstly its been about two years since a video was promise , , only a trailer has ever been released and that was ages in the making , its now been about a year since even an update of any kind and there is still no video unfinished or finished , secondly Erik in what way did you think it was right to publically air a private convosation between you and Dana that contained very personal information of hers without her permission ,its f****** illegal from were I come from and its putting her in an awkward state as of now to even pick up the phone to you just incase you bloody record her out of spite again , lastly I understand your issue of radio silence however , what has happened this last year ? the sound of radio silence has become abundant about your webpage and YouTube channel and the only latest post I’ve seen on social media was from not even recent it was from months ago AND IT WAS NOT EVEN ON THE ISSUE !!! , I completely understand you don’t want to lose not literally content but it seems to me Dana just wants to now put the company behind her and had no intention I dissolving it until you mentioned it and she used it in retaliation as you were not leaving her a minute to breath , in conclusion I am sorry if this message has rattled some skeletons you’ve been hiding and trying to bury however you need to address this by giving us an explanation and or what we are waiting for and been waiting for now for almost two years after that you can do what you like and sort out the legal matters later , its been far to long now and the company and awesome brand which has so much potential has suffered enough so please I beg to at east give us an answer and stop hiding in the dark from us we want an explanation and we are own one .

  55. Let the donators see the video and let them be the judge if it is acceptable or not.

    I do not believe it could even be liquidated, since Harry Potter is not your property to begin with.
    You making a video about Harry Potter is fine, you making money off of it is not, or did you pay for the copyright to the original songs and the Harry Potter franchise?

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