Where’s the Ravenclaw video?  What’s up with NL?

Where’s the Ravenclaw video? What’s up with NL?

The video isn’t finished.  Not Literally was started as a 3 person LLC, Ginny, Dana and Erik.  Ginny resigned in February 2014.  At the time of Ginny’s resignation, Dana also stated her intentions to dissolve the company.  Erik stated and has repeatedly stated his desire for Dana to stay with the company and it not be dissolved.  However, this is not something Erik can control as Dana can force dissolution of the company if she chooses.

If Dana chooses to dissolve Not Literally, all the company assets (including videos) will be liquidated.    Dana has stated she is unwilling to work on the videos, and Erik is also unwilling to work on the videos if they’re just going to be deleted due to dissolution.   The company has sat in limbo since then and will continue to sit in limbo until Dana makes a decision on what she wants to do with the company.  She can stay (which I’m hoping), she can leave, or she can dissolve the company.  So far Dana has been unwilling to commit to anything, so there is no other course available other than to wait for Dana.  (I’m hoping Dana will stay with the company and continue to work on NL projects.)

We apologize for the lack of updates, and since the future of the video and Not Literally is still unknown, I felt we owed you all an honest update of what’s been happening with the company. I’m tired of Not Literally not answering any questions and I won’t sit in silence any longer.   Our fans, Ravenclaws donators and the people who helped work on Ravenclaws in particular deserve to know what’s going on.  It’s all of Not Literally’s fault, we’re all to blame.

I will post any updates or changes if they happen.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get ahold of Dana for months and months, so I can’t promise any sort of timeline.  If you have any questions please post them in the comments below and I will answer them all.


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  1. Its May 2016, this video is as good as gone. Thanks guys, you lost like 90% of your fan base at this point. Wow guys. Congratulations. So disappointed.

  2. I understand that this must be a stressful situation for all involved, but people put a lot of money and excitement into this project. If it’s not going to be released, can we please have some sort of official cancellation just for the sake of closure and the end of rude comments? I think LOTS of people (Ravenclaws especially) would appreciate that. Good luck with the company and the video, I hope the situation improves soon.

  3. Just thought the following would be a helpful reminder that to be honest, I don’t care that much about your issues. I hope they can be peacefully resolved and wish the best for Not Literally and its participants, but by receiving donations, filming, making a trailer, releasing an unfinished version, and producing music videos for all other houses, you insured that Smarter would be released :

    $3,100 (ACHIEVED) — “Potter Has It,” an Adele parody we introduced in a vlog, will be recorded as a full single and added to the House Pride album we will be putting together! Every donator, regardless of amount, will receive the single for free!

    $3,700 (ACHIEVED) — There is a beautiful location just under three hours from where we are based, called Bishop’s Castle. With this stretch goal fulfilled, we will be able to utilize this gorgeous location in the video in a way which would have previously been impossible.

    $4,200 (ACHIEVED) — We will include a second surprise guest star in the video! The people we have in mind are relevant to Ravenclaw/the Harry Potter fandom, and they are people you would really be excited to see, so let your imaginations run wild!

    $5,700 (ACHIEVED) — This additional $1,500 will go towards aiding the editing process for the video, to make the video run more smoothly and thus come out faster! We plan to buy a second greenscreen (and lighting for it) to allow us to create more immersive visual effects, and to hire another editor hourly to aid Erik in the more time-consuming parts of post-production, so you get your Ravenclaw video more quickly!

    $6,500 (ACHIEVED) — This additional $800 will go toward funding the launch of our long-anticipated (and much-modified) house-themed pajama sets, so that we can include some Ravenclaw sets featured in the video and launch sales alongside the video release! Here’s the concept art:

    And check out the newest reward tier — join the Not Literally Quidditch team and get a personalized set!

    $6,800 (ACHIEVED) — This money will go toward hiring a real, live house mascot to guest star in the video! We’ll get a falconer to work with us and it will be AWESOME.

    $8,300 ( ACHIEVED) — You asked for it! The most popular demand for stretch goals has been more visual effects. We’re impressed with the specifics you guys have come up with (and trust us, we’re on board with cramming in as many as possible).

    Short Summary
    We’re Ginny, Dana, and Erik from Not Literally, a small, Denver-based production company. We are very passionate about the TV shows, books, movies, and other media that we enjoy, and we love nothing more than to turn that passion into videos and music that we can share with other fans. You may be familiar with some of our other work, which includes the House Pride video series that this film will complete.

    Frankly, we can’t believe it either — Ravenclaws is finally here! It’s a real thing with a real timeline…and a real fundraising campaign! For our fourth and final House Pride video we want to seriously bring the nerdity, and we need your help to make it a reality.

    What We Need & What You Get
    As usual, our talented team has given us a streamlined budget to work with. Here’s a look at where your money will be going:

    $800 — Dance crew
    $200 — Costuming
    $300 — Audio
    $500 — Food (for extras and crew during shoots)
    $400 — Sets, props, and locations
    $500 — Super secret special guest star!

    We’ve also put together some special reward tiers. Harry Potter is where we started, and we know that many of you have been crucial to getting us where we are today. Check out the sidebar to see the awesome perks we’ve lined up!

    We are using fixed funding for this campaign, which means that if we don’t raise the full amount, we don’t get any of the money. This is because doing this parody on a lower budget than the one we’ve outlined would be practically impossible. What that means is that every single dollar counts!

    • ‘but by receiving donations, filming, making a trailer, releasing an unfinished version, and producing music videos for all other houses, you insured that Smarter would be released’

      I disagree. The fact that they’ve filmed something, released a trailer, and have a **unfinished** version (which could be illegal, I would bet that one partner could sue the other partner for doing so) do not obligate them to finish and release the video. And they certainly dont owe anything to anyone just because they made other house videos.

      None of this ‘insures’ or obligates them to follow through on Ravenclaws. Accepting money for the purposes of making the video obligates them to **either** finish and deliver the product OR refund the money. Think of it this way. You bought tickets for the opportunity to view a movie. The movie theater closes down or the movie producers decide not to finish and release the film. You aren’t necessarily ‘owed’ a movie, because you never gain legal ownership of that movie in the first place. What you are owed is a refund because you were denied the opportunity to view the movie, which you paid for. Nothing more. You dont get the right to force the movie theater or producer to adhere to your preference. Same concept applies to Ravenclaws.
      And that is a legal matter between those who paid for Ravenclaws and those who are failing to deliver it. If the fans feel skrewed, tough. They didnt pay for it so they aren’t owed anything. If the donators feel skrewed, okay. Go sue NL and use the justice system to force them to give your money back.
      I also wonder what kind of fraud charges can be brought against one or both of them for refusing to do one or the other.

  4. Hi Erik,
    I’m assuming that there has been not update since March as neither the video has been posted nor another update on the status of the project.
    I would just like to say that while the lack of anything is disappointing and for some possibly distressing I send my hopes that before the end of the year this is sorted to the extent all want.
    I am just showing my support for whatever is achieved.

  5. Thank you so much for the update Erik. It really means a lot to me and to the other fans out there.

  6. Thanks for the update, Erik. This is the only crowd-sourced thing I’ve supported that hasn’t been finished. I appreciate the stress you may be under because of it. It saddens me that it has come to this. :(

  7. Erik, you said these exact words: “Ginny and Dana have always been part of post production since Hufflepuffs. They’ve both refused to help edit Ravenclaws though, even though they previously agreed to.” You also said “It’s far from done, and I’m not ok with Ginny and Dana bailing and telling me to do everything. And 95% of the shooting is one, there are still pick up shots needed. There is a considerable amount of work left (40-50hrs) that I’m not willing to do alone when Dana agreed to help.”

    What the hell?! Dude, you’re acting like a kid. Literally. This isn’t about you and Dana and Ginny anymore. It’s about the people who put their money into this project and have been waiting for it to come out. If you can do the work, just do it, post the video, and deal with Ginny and Dana later. Otherwise, stop making public statements that clearly point fingers and then cover it up with “We’re all to blame,” and for the love of Gallifrey, give these people their money back.

    • And regarding being “unwilling to work on the videos if they’re just going to be deleted due to dissolution,” well you can either post the videos and let the fans know that NLP has a strain of goodness left despite all of the ridiculous, BS drama, or give up and give the fans their money back so we know you aren’t scamming jerks.

      • Also why drag Ginny in to this? Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion of her, didn’t she stay on to finish all products the best she could, and made sure her responsibilities were taken care of? Why should she come back to work on it? This argument in particular makes it seem like it’s you that should be doing the work but is gasping at straws. (“I won’t finish it because we’ll dissolve and it’ll get deleted” then when Dana stated having no intention to delete “It’s not just me who has work left it’s Ginny and Dana”). No offence, I’ve appreciated your hard work, but it seems like the time and effort that’s now gone into this argument could have been spent on finishing the video

      • Lia, I am fine with issuing refunds. I need Dana’s approval for that as she is 50% owner.

        Laura, I didn’t drag Ginny into this. Someone asked about her and Dana, and I answered.

        • Okay then, let’s recap: You have essentially three options: finish and post the video, give people their money back, or do nothing, the way you have been for ages. Doing nothing would be bad, obviously, so hopefully we can strike that and be done with it. To refund, you would need Dana’s permission, but you can’t get in touch with her. That leaves finishing and posting the video. Now, your arguments against these seem to be a: that Ginny and Dana promised to help but now won’t, and you don’t want to finish it yourself, and b: that if Dana does end up dissolving the company, the videos will be taken down and you don’t want the work to go to waste.

          Here’s what I have to say:

          First of all, don’t bother trying to get Ginny back, because it’s not going to happen. In Ginny’s resignation video, she said explicitly that she had finished all of her responsibilities and that the Ravenclaw video would be posted as planned. I’m taking her word for it. Ginny’s moved on, people, and from what it looks like, she’s doing beautifully, so give up getting her back and be happy that she’s doing well.

          Secondly, regarding Dana, which is really where a lot of this seems to be centered. You said that you haven’t been able to reach Dana for months. To me, that sounds like she isn’t planning on dissolving the company anytime soon. If she does, well, that’ll suck, but frankly, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

          Finally, regarding the work: Here’s the thing, Erik — You weren’t the only person working on this video. Ginny, Dana, all of the cast and crew, and all of the fans, contributed to it. If the video does get taken down, it won’t be just your work gone to waste; it’ll be all of those people’s. Moreover, having the video up — regardless of how long it is up — will prove that the work didn’t go to waste.

          All that’s holding this video back right now is you, Erik. Yes, it sucks that Dana and Ginny aren’t around to help you. I get that. But if you want NL to remain alive like you’ve said, you have to keep it alive, and if that means doing a little extra work you were told you wouldn’t have to do, well, so be it. In the words of Rose Tyler, “You don’t just give up; you don’t just let things happen. You make a stand, you say no, you have the guts to do what’s right when everyon else just runs away.”

          I hope you consider this, and us, as you decide what to do or not do.

  8. If the company is dissolved, would it be possible to at least release the mp3 of the Ravenclaws video for a few weeks beforehand? At least then the fans would get to buy it.

  9. Hi Erik

    Thanks for the belated update, although little good usually comes from the public washing of dirty linen.

    As an investor in your video, my only interest is in its delivery as promised – even if massively late. Public squabbles do not mitigate any internal issues.

    If delivered, I would be wary of any further personal involvement but would at least respect that you got there in the end in spite of personal issues.

    Continuing failure to honour our contract will only lead to an increasingly toxic view of your organisation – and by default all those associated with it.

    If you are going to be seriously involved in a business, I’ve found it really helps to start with your clients, and then keep the focus on them – even if you end up out of pocket some times (I certainly have) in the short term, the increased good will can often pay off big time in the end.

  10. Thanks for posting the update and being honest!

  11. This is unfortunate. :T

    Would you be willing to find replacements for Ginny and Dana?
    Specifically to continue projects.

  12. Would you really be able to claim anything from any of the videos though?
    The Harry Potter franchise is not owned by you.

    Additionally, at this point, fans that paid for this video could start suing you since you are not giving them what they paid for. Doesn’t matter who’s ‘fault’ it is that it’s not finished yet

  13. It doesn’t really seem like all three of you would be able to work together after this mess anyway. Sure having the group back together and creatively productive would be great, but it doesn’t seem very likely.
    At this point wouldn’t the best possible outcome of all this be for the video to be finished and posted as a sort of good bye to the original NL?
    Let the company die gracefully so new and awesome things can come from all the talented individuals that started it? Even if those things don’t involve everyone working together again?

  14. why not show a gesture of good faith

    • Yeah. A gesture of good faith such as negotiating an agreement so that Erik and the fans can have some comfort that the company is not going to be forcibly dissolved, and the video will go up?

      That would be tops.
      Why won’t Dana do that?
      Why is it the one making threats is asking for the good faith gesture?

  15. This is fairly embarrassing for you. I think perhaps you think that you are minimizing the damage to yourself by posting about how it’s not your fault because of x, y, z about Ginny/Dana, but really you are coming off as whiny and unable to let them go. I’m not sure you should even legally be allowed to hold the video hostage, given that it was funded by fans. I just don’t understand your goal or plan at this point. By posting this, even if Dana were to stay and Not Literally continued on, you would lose all of your fans. The internet is forever and all. So isn’t it best at this point to release the video and let the company dissolve? It would be better for you as an individual/brand to give the fans what they want and quietly move on, as opposed to publishing drama.

  16. Hey EriK
    If your so concerned with the fans why do t you stop threatening to sue dana? you have all the footage but you aren’t willing to edit it. Maybe if you acted like a human being and not a jealous ex who can’t handle her walking away from your pathetic ass you could settle this like an adult without a lawyer to hide behind. Seriously, I knew you were sad but this attempt to snowball your fans is beyond pathetic. Get a life and move on, they have

    • An Actual Knowledgeable Source

      Dear Anonymous,
      I’m curious as to where you’ve gotten your information from.

      Erik has not once threatened to sue Dana. Nor has he engaged a lawyer for any particular issue with Dana. Should she insist on dissolution, I’m sure at that point there will be involvement of multiple legal professionals as the company will go into liquidation, all properties and assets (which is inclusive of the videos) will need to be sold off to cover company debts, and what is left is then divvied up between the two owners.
      Given Dana’s refusal over the past few months to even agree to attempt negotiation of an agreement with Erik, it’s probably a safe bet that a judge will need to be involved, and that judge will determine what happens to the videos. Much like a bitter divorce – both Dana and Erik risk losing control of the videos, and neither party will get what they want.

      So, any rational person can see that there is no sense in finishing any of the unfinished Not Literally works until after the question of whether the company is to be dissolved or not is answered. Finishing the video, for it to be then ripped down and sold off as part of the liquidation process, is a waste of time and talent spent.
      Further, the fans get even more “snowballed” in that they are out their money, and the video isn’t there. As a fan, wouldn’t you say its better that the topic of dissolution be hammered out first? As a fan, wouldn’t you rather that Not Literally make a decision – so that they can either release the video (permanently) and continue, or shut their doors and issue refunds?
      Gee. Looks like Erik is actually thinking about the fans.

      Finally, in regards to acting like a jealous ex. It’s laughable because those that know him also know that he has been in a committed relationship for the past two and a half years.
      But that aside, he has made continual efforts to resolve these issues with Dana. It is Dana who refuses to come to a decision. It is Dana who refuses to come to any sort of mutually beneficial agreement with Erik. It is Dana who has refused Erik’s attempts to contact her and resolve these issues for the past four months.
      Who is acting like the jealous ex?

  17. Hey Erik, whats her stake in the company? how was Ginny split of the company divided when she left?

    • We are both 50/50 owners of the company. Dana can dissolve the company and take half if she chooses. I want her to stay and avoid that.

  18. Thank you Erik for letting us fans know what has happened. Just sad that it happened.

  19. When you say you may dissolve the company, does that mean delete every Not Literally YouTube video? If so, I hope you’re willing to compromise and do anything but that. The songs were all beautiful, I purchased 4? 5? from iTunes, and the videos were all works of art. Wait, if you delete everything, does that mean I won’t have your music on my phone anymore? Oh my gosh if that’s what will happen, I am begging you, please don’t!
    I have no words on the Ravenclaw video… I’m so sorry that everything is kinda stuck, Erik. I’d like it if it was completed and released to put the members of each Hogwarts House at peace… Do you require both Dana and Ginny to come back in order to complete the video? How much time do you need for it to be done? Maybe you can establish a peace treaty with them or something saying you’ll work for this amount of time doing this thing and after completion there will be a meeting discussing the aftermath of each Not Literally member and the company… I don’t know if I’m being helpful but I wish I could do more to help.

    • Yes, if Dana dissolves the company, the assets will be sold (including the videos, mp3s, merch, etc) and split between the two owners. I don’t want that to happen.

  20. Erik, So basically in short since 2 of the once 3 members of NL are no longer participating on the Ravenclaw Project and seeing that NL is mainly out of business now, What will happen to the funds given by the fans? will we be refunded or scammed?

    • If Dana chooses to dissolve the company then I want to issue a full refund for the Ravenclaw video. Dana is 50% owner though, so I’ll likely need her involvement to do that or anything else involving the company.

  21. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Though they may have helped with post-production before, it seems the best way to do this would be if you finished it. Honestly, the drama shouldn’t need to become this big of a problem. If everything is filmed, then the video can be produced. Hell, I have video experience, and I’m sure many other fans do as well. I would make the video if you are all dead set on not doing so. I don’t know you guys, so I don’t know who’s fault this is or what can or should be done to fix it. But I do know that the fans love the stuff and to not finish it would be a disappointment to us all- particularly those who paid to see this video made. So finish it. You don’t have to make any more, and you don’t owe us any explanation. But you do owe us this video.

    • It’s far from done, and I’m not ok with Ginny and Dana bailing and telling me to do everything. And 95% of the shooting is one, there are still pick up shots needed. There is a considerable amount of work left (40-50hrs) that I’m not willing to do alone when Dana agreed to help.

  22. It’s not Dana’s fault. Sounds like you’re not doing the part of the project you were supposed to do, after they both did what they were there to do. And it seems like you’re not doing the part you were supposed to do because you’re busy pushing the rest out and using a name built by Ginny and Dana to further your own pursuits.

    I would’ve believed your words were more true had you not publicly posted an update that spun a tale to make Dana look like the bad guy in this, and tacking on a quick “We’re all to blame” at the end to make people think you’re being accountable, too.

    Just finish the video, and stop being selfish.

    • Ginny and Dana have always been part of post production since Hufflepuffs. They’ve both refused to help edit Ravenclaws though, even though they previously agreed to. I would prefer Ginny comes back and Dana stays, it’s better for the brand.


  23. Why not buy Dana out? She could sell it for only $1. Then find new people to work with.

  24. It’s a video made for the love of creativity. Just finish it and stop trying to strongarm Dana into doing what you want.

  25. Do you really think deciding to ransom a video (refusing to work on it afterall) will really help Dana decide to stay with the company? That’s totally unfair to blackmail her with her fan’s expectations. You were paid to finish the video. It doesn’t matter whether or not the company is just going to go down afterwards.

    • We were all paid to finish the video. Dana refuses to work on it as well. And the only one who had threatened anything is Dana.

      • You were paid for the special effects. She put in work. It’s quite telling that she’s willing to reblog the unfinished video at least so her fans can see it. Even if I didn’t read all of this BS of you trying to scapegoat everyone else she already won favor by at least doing that.

  26. I’m not sure I understand why you’re saying that the videos will be deleted with dissolution. There are plenty of bands/groups/web based companies that disband and have their works still present online and for sale.

    Personally, I think it just sounds like you’re being selfish. If it’s your job to finish the video, then finish it. People paid for it. People paid YOU for it. And you owe those people a product. If you purchased a new camera and the company that you ordered from just decided to never send it, you’d sure as hell want your money back. So, finish the video.

    • People paid NL to finish the video. Ginny and Dana have refused to do any post production at all.

      • That doesn’t make any sense. You’re the video editor, right?? Why would Ginny and Dana need to do post-production?

        • Ginny and Dana have always been part of post production since Hufflepuffs. They’ve both refused to help edit Ravenclaws though, even though they previously agreed to.


          • And you continue to point the finger at them instead of holding yourself accountable for anything. Real professional. REAL professional.

    • If NL is an LLC then presumably the videos etc (the digital assets and IP associated with them) belong to NL, as do the liabilities for any bills or monies paid. If NL is dissolved those digital assets and the IP would be either divided between the owners of NL (Erik and Dana) or, more likely, sold, possibly a combination of the two. Physical assets (equipment, props &c) would be treated similarly. If sold the monies raised would, along with any money NL has such as income from sales, have to go first to meeting any liabilities.

      Liabilities may include those donations for the making of ‘Smarter’. I say ‘may’ as the key word there is ‘donations’. A court may rule that donation is different from paying someone to produce something for you or investing in the production (where you put money in with the expectation of getting more money out). This is why I advised Erik in a comment in 2015 to talk to a lawyer. I suspect that if the donors have any legal claim it will be as unsecured creditors at best, which means they might get something after the other creditors have squeezed out as much as they could.

      Where bands have dissolved and their music is still available you’ll probably find that it actually belongs to the label they were with, not the band, or some other third party.

  27. Erik,

    I apologise if I’m stating the obvious here but I’ve seen similar situations go really bad in the past. If you haven’t already talk to a lawyer who specialises in copyright and commercial implications of creative works. If NL is dissolved someone will own the assets, it’s important to know who. Generally it’s the person who created the asset but sometimes ownership can be split (e.g. In a music video one person owns the audio but another person owns the visual) or might be transferred by contract.

    Best to know where everyone stands.

  28. finish the video and post it or refund all the donners. It’s that simple. Work out your squabble aftwrwards.

    • I agree. I would issue a refund if I could, but I need Dana’s approval as well as she is 50% owner of the company. Dana is not responding to my texts or phone calls.


  29. I’m very sorry to hear about all the trouble Not Literally is going through. Thank you VERY much for posting an update.

  30. Wow, that’s really crappy of her after everything the FANS have done. Thanks for the honesty I guess :/

    • It’s not Dana’s fault. Trust me.

      • Correct. It’s all of Not Literally’s fault, we’re all to blame.

        • No, it is not all of NL’s fault. It’s the fault of the person holding a project ransom and not delivering on a contract (it’s a contract because I gave you money for an agreed upon product. )

          Take responsibility, do your job and act like an adult and perhaps then people would want to continue to work with you. Or keep this up and be know as the childish ass who stole money from fans.

          • Jonathon, there may have been a contract but what did that contract say? The contract was for what they agreed to do when you donates the money. Did you check the fine print?

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