“I Ship It” — our Icona Pop parody is out!

“I Ship It” — our Icona Pop parody is out!

We ship you and this music video. And it’s about to become canon.

Our Icona Pop “I Love It” parody, “I Ship It,” is finally out! Join characters from more than a dozen movies, TV shows, and books in a wild party celebrating the crack-iest ships and the most obsessive fans! Is one half of your OTP dead? Are they destined to never meet … because they’re from separate fandoms? No ship is too ridiculous for this parody! Check it out below.

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  1. Miss Katherine Death

    I love this song! I listen to it alot more than I probably should.. Hehehe…
    I think that shipping people who are in different fandoms is normal.
    …..Stop looking at me like I lost my mind…

  2. This is my anthem

  3. When they say ‘they keep saying their not gay but yea i doubt it’ and the rest of that verce, i beleave they are talking about the Sherlock and John ship.

  4. Amazing work guys! I totally love it!!

    Have you thought about doing a Sherlock or Supernatural parody? I’m sure it would be amazing!!! :333

  5. I love what you’re doing !! It would be great to have the lyrics somewhere because for non english speaking fans, sometimes, it’s to understand everything :) But it’s awesome !!

  6. I love this! I’m very fond of shipping things “for the lulz” and I also quite seriously ship a few crackships. Also, I feel the need to write my own parody now, focused on my OTP and the series it comes from, if only to alleviate my withdrawal a bit, since the next book doesn’t come out for a year! ;.;

  7. Great job! The beat is great! Love it so much! But just have to ask: What is the full list for all the ships? I can understand some of them but do you have a full list?

    • There aren’t actually any specific ships mentioned in the video, just general comments about ships!

      • No way! You’re TOTALLY shipping the brothers from Supernatural!

        I just wish you’d referenced Bellice!!! Team Alice FTW!!!

        • Our lyrics say “twincest,” although many are hearing it as “Wincest.” :) We’re just happy that people are seeing their ships reflected in the song!

          • Well, whatever, I love this song – I’ve bought it on iTunes – hated the original song, but this just makes me smile.

            The lyrics in the bridge are AMAZING and SO describe how I feel about my favourite ships!

            PS you two can really sing!

            Amazing job girls!!!

        • I heard “twincest,” but I did absolutely think about the Wincest pairing when I heard it; naturally, that ship grosses me out, but later on the verse “They keep on saying they’re not gay, but yeah, I really doubt that/This can’t just be a bromance, who would write a show about that? I think the subtext in the second season’s pretty clear…” reminded me of Destiel, from the same franchise, which I have to admit I’m rather inclined toward, even though, as the lyrics note, “They keep on saying they’re not gay.” Yes, both parties have been portrayed as perfectly straight thus far, both in-universe and out. It was the bit about “subtext” that hit me, though, since that’s a favorite word amongst meta writers (though not in the *second* season, as the Castiel character hadn’t even been introduced at that point).

          TL;DR–You’re right, if your goal was getting fangirls to recognize ourselves… you totally hit the nail on the head. :)

      • It sounded like they were perhaps talking about Luke and Leah in the first verse.

  8. …This song=my life XD I have the worst habit of loving crackships….Actually I’m like Fedex…I ship EVERYTHING pretty much

  9. I’m not a shipper, usually, but I spend enough time on tumblr to greatly appreciate this. Great song, well done and well written! I love all the work you girls do, that’s for sure

  10. Love it! Especially TOPH!!!

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