Order Your House Pride PJs Before it’s Too Late!

pajama availability

Still haven’t bought your set of House Pride Pajamas? Better hurry! We will stop offering the pajamas on Dec 31. We will be offering the PJs for sale again come spring, but who wants to wait that long? Make sure to place your orders before the 31st so you don’t miss out! Meanwhile, if you’re in a spending mood, don’t ... Read More »

Movie Review — Disney’s “Frozen”

frozen review

I finally saw Frozen yesterday! Those of you who follow me on Tumblr know that I have not been Frozen’s biggest fan thus far. However, everything I’d heard about the movie post-release was unfailingly positive. So… what did I come away thinking? Check out the video below to learn what I thought! Have you seen Frozen? What did you think? ... Read More »

Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest!

A TARDIS for Christmas!

Tis the season, cats and kittens – the season for another contest! As you’re all aware, we’re getting ever closer to the release of our Doctor Who Christmas special “Regeneration Carol” that we filmed with everyone’s favorite Matt Smith lookalike, Matt Elliott. In the spirit of how much fun we had filming with Matt, we decided to launch another contest. Your ... Read More »

NaNoWrap It Up!

nanowrimo winners

WOW! Great job winning NaNoWriMo, you guys! Or great job losing NaNoWriMo, like Nicole and I! Really, I’m not even joking. No matter what you did this month, whether you wrote fifty words or fifty thousand words, you did something amazing. You set an extravagant goal, and you worked towards it. Regardless of how much you wrote, or whether or ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Game of Thrones!


As our most popular video yet, Game of Thrones was an absolute blast to make, and now you can check out the whole process! See how we constructed our show sets and watch our incredible makeup artist, Grant, transform us several times! See what it’s like to be behind the scenes on a Not Literally video shoot below: Feeling nostalgic? Hit ... Read More »

NEW Doctor Who design and hoodies!

snow doctor designs

Ready to do some Christmas shopping? Add  Not Literally to your list! We’ve just released a new Doctor Who design to celebrate our upcoming “Regeneration Carol,” and we’ve released three hoodie designs for sale! Check out the new “Snow Doctor” design, above, by the talented Sarah Mills, and our new hoodies below. All these great new items are in our Spreadshirt shop! ... Read More »

Doctor Who in Theaters Today (3D)

The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who is experiencing the 50th anniversary episode, and it’s going global. In 3D. In theaters. Who has tickets? Let me know in the comments! The latest episode is “The Day of the Doctor”, and it originally screened in 90 countries simultaneously on November 23rd, 2013. How cool is that? Hundreds of thousands of Doctor Who fans all up at ... Read More »

NaNoNerd It Up: Ginny & Nicole’s Week Three Challenges

nicole and ginny practice dialogue

Here it is, folks, my week three challenge! For this challenge, we were supposed to perform a scene of dialogue from our novels with a friend. Nicole and I helped each other out for these, so in this video, Nicole plays a hardened female mercenary named Jair. I’m afraid we didn’t take these as seriously as we probably should have, ... Read More »

“I Ship It” — our Icona Pop parody is out!

title screen

We ship you and this music video. And it’s about to become canon. Our Icona Pop “I Love It” parody, “I Ship It,” is finally out! Join characters from more than a dozen movies, TV shows, and books in a wild party celebrating the crack-iest ships and the most obsessive fans! Is one half of your OTP dead? Are they ... Read More »

“I Ship It!” Pixel Characters for download!

I Ship It

The release of our next parody will be happening very soon, and to celebrate we’re releasing the full resolution 8-bit pixel versions of the characters that will be featured in the video! You can download these and use them to create wallpapers, fan art, use them as avatars or just enjoy them for their pixel-y goodness! Without further ado, here’s ... Read More »