Ask The Doctor: Episode Jon Pertwee

Ask the Doctor: Jon Pertwee

The third episode of “Ask the Doctor” is out! In this episode, we learn what the Doctor uses his nano recorder for, how to make friends Doctor-style, and whether or not the TARDIS has ever appeared on the grounds of Hogwarts. Make sure to subscribe as the next episode will be up next Thursday. Did you like the episode? Make ... Read More »

Feature: Ginny’s 3 Favorite Wonder Woman Cosplays

meagan marie as wonder woman

I’m a sucker for a good “I will kill you right in the face” Wonder Woman cosplay. Don’t gimme that pouty-faced, crossed-leg, look-at-my-cleavage garbage — that’s not Wonder Woman. And so I wanted to take this opportunity to show off my three favorite Wonder Woman cosplays: Women who make it clear that they’re not here to be eye candy, they’re ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor: Episode Patrick Troughton

the Doctor and River Song

  The second episode of “Ask the Doctor” is out! In this episode, the Doctor advises viewers on learning to drive, Nostradamus, and choosing your own catchphrase. And don’t forget to look out for a special guest appearance by Dana as River Song! You can await the next episode on Thursday of next week. Did you like the episode? Make ... Read More »

Parodies That Never Were: Disney Villainess Tango

Disney Villainesses

Occasionally you have an idea so good that Todrick Hall also has it. In those cases, you have to hurry and do your idea before Todrick Hall can. Except you don’t know that Todrick Hall is doing it, so you hold your parody in a folder, waiting for the perfect time to do it, and then one morning you see ... Read More »

How to Build Castle Walls

How to build castle walls

Hey everyone, a while back while we were preparing to shoot our Game of Thrones parody “A Character I Used to Know”, I took some time to shoot a tutorial on how to make the castle walls in the video. The process is relatively simple. First you need to secure some large sheets of styrofoam from your local hardware store. ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor launches today!

Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor launches today! A few months back, we planned a webseries collaboration with Matt Elliott, a weekly advice and question and answer VLOG set in the Doctor Who universe. Matt flew out to Colorado all the way from England for our Regeneration Carol, and we also took time that weekend to shoot the entire series.  Here’s the first ... Read More »

Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest Winner


Hello there, holiday nerds! Christmas is almost here and  Regeneration Carol is out – so it’s time to announce the winner of our Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest! We received a ton of wonderful entries and it was so hard to pick just one winner! Everyone was so festive and creative and really wowed us with their submissions.  Unfortunately, there can ... Read More »

“Ask Westeros” — Get Advice from Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

daenerys and drogo

We are thrilled to finally get to announce the third of our three advice series plans for the coming year! 2014 will feature Ask the Doctor starring Matt Elliott, a third season of Ask Hogwarts, and now: Ask Westeros! In Ask Westeros, the wide array of characters from Game of Thrones will answer the questions that keep you up at ... Read More »

Say Goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor with “Regeneration Carol”

regeneration carol

We know you don’t want him to go, but Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor is coming to a close. Celebrate his years with us this Christmas with “Regeneration Carol”! We worked with Matt Elliott, the internet’s favorite Eleventh Doctor lookalike, and we hope you’ll weep disconsolately at the result! Don’t forget to share the video on your Facebook, Twitter, ... Read More »

The Problem with “True Fans”

nerd cred quizzing

Once, I wore a “Vulcan Girls Do It With Logic” shirt to the dining hall on campus and was subjected to a quiz on Star Trek: The Original Series minutiae by the woman swiping our IDs at the front counter. When she found out that I was a fan of the new movie but hadn’t seen much of the classic ... Read More »