Ask The Doctor — Episode Paul McGann

The TARDIS in front of Big Ben

In this week’s episode of Ask the Doctor we discover the Doctor’s biggest pet peeves (he seriously hates it when his companions don’t stay put), how he spends his alone time, and possibly what his *real* name is.  How terribly scandalous! If you loved this episode then make sure to share it on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! Geronimo! Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 2

ask westeros actors

We’re very excited to present part two of our “Ask Westeros” actor features, especially since so many of you who must’ve skimmed the title of the video were concerned that we were going to be producing a whole series with just those seven actors. 😉 Today, you get to meet some denizens of the North, a few more King’s Landing ... Read More »

Wanna be the Doctor’s Companion?

ask the doctor

What are the job requirements for being the Doctor’s companion? Don’t worry, the Doctor answers that question for you in this week’s Ask the Doctor episode! He also reflects on past mistakes, and reveals the secret to doing that super-cool sonic screwdriver flippy thing. Did you like this week’s episode? Make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, ... Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 1

ask westeros actors

Are you excited for our upcoming Game of Thrones themed comedy advice series, “Ask Westeros”? Well, today’s your lucky day: Here’s a sneak peek! Meet some of the actors will be portraying your favorite (and least favorite!) characters, and hear a little about how they feel about the roles they’ll be playing. (And of course, admire those fancy costumes and ... Read More »

Hella Cute Hella Fine Be My Hella Valentine

Wifi is My Valentine

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day you lovelies! Whether you find yourself single or attached this Valentine’s Day, one thing is certain: the internet is a veritable gold mine of amazing, hilarious, and/or nerdy valentines. In my travels around the web (read: tumblr) over the last few days, I’ve come across several romantic gems that I’d like to share with you. ... Read More »

Ask The Doctor — Episode Colin Baker — Valentine’s Day Special!

doctor who valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Whovians! In this special episode of Ask the Doctor, all of your romance-related questions are answered! Will the Doctor marry you? Which companion is his favorite? And are soul-mates real? Check it out in this week’s episode! Did you enjoy this episode? Make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook! Read More »

Ask the Doctor — Episode Peter Davison

disco TARDIS

Have you ever wondered about all the different features the sonic screwdriver has? In this episode, the Doctor tells you his favorite ones, as well as answering questions about your unusually ageless Spanish teacher, and the care and feeding of intergalactic dignitaries. Did you enjoy this episode? Make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook! Read More »

Behind the Scenes on Ask Westeros


As you can probably tell, we have approximately one bajillion projects in the works right now. The one I’ve been primarily working on lately is our Game of Thrones comedy advice series, due out in April: Ask Westeros. I had a fantastic time pulling together a group of writers to team up to create an amazing script — in my opinion, ... Read More »

Ravenclaw editing starts this week!


Hey everyone, Erik here with some exciting Ravenclaw news. We’re starting to edit this week! Last Wednesday I received the hard drive back from Nicole, Ginny and Dana with all the logged, labeled and named footage from the Ravenclaw shoot, which means I get to start editing “Smarter” now! Not Literally is always keeping busy with multiple projects at once, ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor — Episode Tom Baker

Ask the Doctor Episode Tom Baker

What’s the Doctor’s favorite vegetable? Why does he call himself “John Smith”? And how have we humans messed up history the most (hint: it’s a lot)? The Doctor answers all of these questions for you in the latest episode of Ask the Doctor! Did you enjoy this episode of Ask the Doctor? Make sure to share it with your friends ... Read More »