Hogwarts House Pride Underwear Set Sketches

hufflepuff ravenclaw camisole underwear set

So Ginny sketched these up the other day (on her birthday, I might add!). She and Dana were mourning the fact that there wasn’t any Hogwarts house-themed underwear on the market. So, Ginny designed some! Which style do you like better: the house tie/boy shorts or the house mascot/stripes? What house theme would be get, if you got a set? ... Read More »

The Official Teaser Trailer for the Hufflepuff House Pride Music Video

July 2012

We know you’ve all been waiting so, so patiently for the Hufflepuff house pride parody and we’re so grateful for that patience! Hufflepuffs are nothing if not patient, so to pay you back a bit, we’ve decided to give you a little teaser trailer to tide you over until the release. Without further ado, enjoy the official Hufflepuff teaser trailer! ... Read More »

Hufflepuff: The Making Of #2


So as I mentioned in Hufflepuff: The Making Of #1, we had our second day of filming on Sunday, April 29. That was almost a month ago, but I’ll try and remember as many details as I can to tell you guys about! First, some preface. Our first filming session was the main one. It was in the coolest location, ... Read More »

The 5 Most Ridiculous Messages We’ve Ever Received


The more people visit and comment on your pages and videos, you will find, the more likely it is that you get the occasional strange or confusing comment or message. For Not Literally, it is sometimes a crazy ride just scrolling through our comments. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the five most ridiculous messages we’ve ever received! Number ... Read More »

Hufflepuff: The Making Of #1

audio recording for Sorted This Way

For those of you who have been paying attention, you’ll know that the Hufflepuff music video has been in the works for more than four months now (and that doesn’t include the brainstorming and lyric-writing that went in before we actually started concrete work on the music video!) Some of you may be wondering where all that time is going, ... Read More »

Dana and Ginny: A History


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we received a comment asking about our work at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Now is the time that this question will finally be answered. Behold! In 2009, Ginny auditioned to perform in a madrigal quartet at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, which she had been attending, in costume, religiously for about ... Read More »

Hogwarts Career Day

Ginny and Dana at the job fair

Have you been patiently awaiting our latest comedy sketch ever since that teaser image we posted recently? Well, wait no longer! In this new comedy sketch, learn how wizards figure out what jobs they should work towards! Just like in muggle schools, wizards have job fairs, and just like in muggle schools, they’re…well, they’re ridiculous. In this sketch, Ginny, Dana, ... Read More »

Get to Know Your Ask Hogwarts Team!

ravenclaw and slytherin

Want to learn more about your friendly Ask Hogwarts hosts? Look no further! Here you’ll get to see some of the gorgeous photos we shot to showcase the Ask Hogwarts characters, and read a little bit more about each girl — her name, her house, and some fun facts about her! And of course, if you want to learn more ... Read More »

Have a question? Just “Ask Hogwarts”!

ask hogwarts

Here it is — the first episode in our new series, “Ask Hogwarts”! A comedy advice column series, Ask Hogwarts features four young women from the four Hogwarts houses who answer viewer questions each week! Send your own questions to askhogwarts@not-literally.com. Check out the first episode, “Love Is In the Air,” and learn what these representatives of the Hogwarts houses ... Read More »

Sneak Peek — Upcoming Comedy Sketch

Hogwarts job fair

Guess what? We’re working on a comedy sketch! We haven’t done anything quite like this before, being mostly of the music-video-making persuasion, but we had a funny idea and decided to run with it! Filmed on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado, this comedy short, called “Hogwarts Career Day,” is about…well, just what you think it’s about. Excited ... Read More »