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Ask Westeros Season Premiere!

jon snow and ygritte

Did you think getting advice from teen witches and a time lord was bad? Wait until you watch the season premiere of our new Game of Thrones comedy advice series, Ask Westeros. In this series, Westeros (and Essos)’s craziest and most murderous advise people of both our world and theirs on how to best handle their biggest problems. Hint: a ... Read More »

Ginny is Leaving Not Literally

Ginny is leaving Not Literally

After founding Not Literally in the summer of 2011 with Dana and Erik, followed by more than two years of increasingly exciting projects, I have made the personal decision to move on from Not Literally and into another chapter of my life. Don’t panic yet! I’ll be staying on in a partial capacity until late summer, to do my personal ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor — Episode David Tennant

ask the doctor

I’m sorry to say that David Tennant himself is not in episode David Tennant (I know, please withhold your tears). But don’t worry, in this episode, Eleven helps a man with his fob watch, explains how River coaxed his secrets out of him, and gives some medical advice on TARDIS travel. Don’t forget to share the video with your friends ... Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 4

ask westeros actors part 4

Here it is, the last actor feature for our upcoming comedy advice series, “Ask Westeros”! Today, you’ll meet Tywin Lannister, Davos Seaworth, Shae, Renly Baratheon, and King Joffrey himself. And if your favorite character is still missing… there’s still a chance! There are two more surprise characters that you’ll see once the series is running. Don’t forget, if you liked ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor: Episode John Hurt (a War Doctor Bonus Mini-Ep!)

ask the doctor

A lot of you were wondering about how we could keep up our numbering system with the wild card of the War Doctor thrown into the mix! Well, wonder no longer: Today you get a bonus mini-episode, episode 8.5! Next week we’ll return to our usual structure, but this week, enjoy this little snippet of rapid-fire, silly questions answered by ... Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 3

ask westeros actors

In this actor feature, meet the actors and actresses who will be playing Tyrion Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Ramsay Snow, Littlefin- er, sorry, Petyr Baelish, and Lord Varys. Which character is your favorite? Which characters do you hope are in our very last actor feature, coming soon? Tell us in the comments! Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 2

ask westeros actors

We’re very excited to present part two of our “Ask Westeros” actor features, especially since so many of you who must’ve skimmed the title of the video were concerned that we were going to be producing a whole series with just those seven actors. 😉 Today, you get to meet some denizens of the North, a few more King’s Landing ... Read More »

Wanna be the Doctor’s Companion?

ask the doctor

What are the job requirements for being the Doctor’s companion? Don’t worry, the Doctor answers that question for you in this week’s Ask the Doctor episode! He also reflects on past mistakes, and reveals the secret to doing that super-cool sonic screwdriver flippy thing. Did you like this week’s episode? Make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, ... Read More »

Meet Your “Ask Westeros” Actors: Part 1

ask westeros actors

Are you excited for our upcoming Game of Thrones themed comedy advice series, “Ask Westeros”? Well, today’s your lucky day: Here’s a sneak peek! Meet some of the actors will be portraying your favorite (and least favorite!) characters, and hear a little about how they feel about the roles they’ll be playing. (And of course, admire those fancy costumes and ... Read More »

Ask The Doctor — Episode Colin Baker — Valentine’s Day Special!

doctor who valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Whovians! In this special episode of Ask the Doctor, all of your romance-related questions are answered! Will the Doctor marry you? Which companion is his favorite? And are soul-mates real? Check it out in this week’s episode! Did you enjoy this episode? Make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook! Read More »