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NL Current State of affairs


All production and operations of Not Literally are on hold.   Erik is officially and publicly asking Dana to approve the refund of Ravenclaws donators if she is unwilling to resolve internal NL issues, as he cannot make this decision alone.   Dana refuses to do any work with Not Literally, and Erik will not perform additional work until a legally binding ... Read More »

Where’s the Ravenclaw video? What’s up with NL?

What's up with NL?

The video isn’t finished.  Not Literally was started as a 3 person LLC, Ginny, Dana and Erik.  Ginny resigned in February 2014.  At the time of Ginny’s resignation, Dana also stated her intentions to dissolve the company.  Erik stated and has repeatedly stated his desire for Dana to stay with the company and it not be dissolved.  However, this is ... Read More »

I Think We’ll Revolt Now – Catching Fire Parody

I Think We'll Revolt Now

Catching Fire was one of my favorite films of the year, and what better way to celebrate The Games than to do a parody video? Not Literally teamed up with the talented Paulina Cerrilla to shoot a crazy Catching Fire parody! The project was really fun, be sure share the video, and head over to Paulina’s youtube page as well! ... Read More »

Ravenclaw editing starts this week!


Hey everyone, Erik here with some exciting Ravenclaw news. We’re starting to edit this week! Last Wednesday I received the hard drive back from Nicole, Ginny and Dana with all the logged, labeled and named footage from the Ravenclaw shoot, which means I get to start editing “Smarter” now! Not Literally is always keeping busy with multiple projects at once, ... Read More »

How to Build Castle Walls

How to build castle walls

Hey everyone, a while back while we were preparing to shoot our Game of Thrones parody “A Character I Used to Know”, I took some time to shoot a tutorial on how to make the castle walls in the video. The process is relatively simple. First you need to secure some large sheets of styrofoam from your local hardware store. ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor launches today!

Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor launches today! A few months back, we planned a webseries collaboration with Matt Elliott, a weekly advice and question and answer VLOG set in the Doctor Who universe. Matt flew out to Colorado all the way from England for our Regeneration Carol, and we also took time that weekend to shoot the entire series.  Here’s the first ... Read More »

Doctor Who in Theaters Today (3D)

The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who is experiencing the 50th anniversary episode, and it’s going global. In 3D. In theaters. Who has tickets? Let me know in the comments! The latest episode is “The Day of the Doctor”, and it originally screened in 90 countries simultaneously on November 23rd, 2013. How cool is that? Hundreds of thousands of Doctor Who fans all up at ... Read More »

“I Ship It!” Pixel Characters for download!

I Ship It

The release of our next parody will be happening very soon, and to celebrate we’re releasing the full resolution 8-bit pixel versions of the characters that will be featured in the video! You can download these and use them to create wallpapers, fan art, use them as avatars or just enjoy them for their pixel-y goodness! Without further ado, here’s ... Read More »

Movie Props Tutorial — Torches

How to make torches

Hey everyone, Erik here.  Not Literally is currently gearing up for our Ravenclaws shoot, and we’re in need of some real torches to use as set decorations on set.   Luckily for all you pyrotechnics fans, I’m going to teach you how to make your own!  It’s actually a fairly easy process that can be done in about an hour or ... Read More »

Erik Takes the Black (Stout)

Erik Takes the Black Stout

Not Literally Productions is based in Denver, CO. We do the majority of our shooting, editing, producing, recording and day to day functions here. Luckily for us, Denver is also home to the Great America Beer Festival. Founded in 1982, GABF is the premier beer festival and competition that showcases the best brews from all around the United States. Along ... Read More »