Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest Winner

Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest Winner

Hello there, holiday nerds!

Christmas is almost here and  Regeneration Carol is out – so it’s time to announce the winner of our Regeneration Carol Christmas Contest! We received a ton of wonderful entries and it was so hard to pick just one winner! Everyone was so festive and creative and really wowed us with their submissions.  Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and that winner is…Taylor!

Brittany's winner entry for the Regeneration Carol, "Cel-eb-rate"

Taylor’s “Cel-eb-rate” entry is our winner!  She will receive a “Snow Doctor” tee and an mp3 copy of “Regeneration Carol!”  Congratulations, Taylor!  We loved that we read your card in the Dalek voice in our heads and we’re still giggling about it.

Runner up number one is…Brittany!

Brittany's runner up TARDIS Christmas card.

Great job, Brittany!  We loved your creative use of  ”bigger on the inside” and how much detail went into your card.  We really hope your friend liked getting it in the mail.  We know we sure would!  Brittany will be receiving an mp3 copy of “Regeneration Carol.”

Runner up number two is…Lauren!

Lauren's entry - a card from the Noble family.

Lauren’s card is from the Noble family and it may or may not fill us with all kinds of feelings re: Doctor Donna.  And Wilfred’s TARDIS sweater is to die for!  Lauren will also receive an mp3 copy of “Regeneration Carol.”

Again, thank you for all of your entries and for your support of Regeneration Carol.  We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you and we’re so grateful!

Happy holidays everyone!

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Dana is an Aquarius, fiercely passionate about her fandoms, and would live on Indian food is she could. She likes working more than she should and she loves any excuse to wear a party dress or drink champagne. Or both at the same time. Both is good.


  1. OMG! Thank you guys so much! I’m glad you really liked my card. :)

  2. OMG! I can’t believe I actually won something from you talented girls. This is almost as exciting as when I met you two at Leakycon and took pictures of you with my little Spunky Hogwarts puppy by Lauren Fairweather’s Booth.

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