NaNoNerd It Up: Nicole’s Week Two Challenge

NaNoNerd It Up: Nicole’s Week Two Challenge

Week 2, which feels like week 11 but sometimes has the wordcount of days closer to week 1…Something I often think about when I write is whether or not I might be accidentally plagiarizing something that I read in the past. More recently this crisis of faith attacked me while I was talking to Ginny about how my story was a combination of Maximum Ride and Nikita. I’ve consumed a LOT of literature over the years, and as critics everywhere constantly say, there are “only a limited number of stories in the world.”
But honestly, I don’t think that’s true! I think there are certain very basic formulas that work and give you your meat, starch, and vegetable for your story-meal. But it’s up to you to decide if you want pork chops stuffed with apple compote or a nice steak served medium rare with herb butter. Both are delicious in their own ways, and none of them make me think “Oh hey, this is meat, potatoes, and veggies and that’s boring and been done.” So don’t fret! Even if your story is about a boy meeting a girl and living happily ever after, maybe they do it while chasing a circus full of goofy cartoon dinosaurs across New York! Who knows?

This week’s NaNoNerd It Up challenge involved a little mutual help with plot direction! As a reminder, I was
looking for a little inspiration as to how to reveal my main character’s alter ego to her. John was a fan of the dream sequences I’ve got going on, and suggested I maybe do either a camera or a human witness that calls her out. Thanks John! I’m getting pretty close to having to…do that thing…so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Week 3′s challenge is a good double-check for those of you with dialogue-heavy novels! We want you to perform a scene of dialogue from your work-in-progress and see if it flows naturally. I know that I often write dialogue that during an edit I find is either really awkward or just not at all the way people actually talk. This is a great way to ensure that your characters speak in a way that makes sense and, most importantly, the way YOU want them to! We’re looking forward to seeing your entries and stay tuned for our vlogs next week.

Dont’ forget to hit me up with your plot questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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Nicole is a spreadsheet enthusiast who takes great pleasure in cooking for her friends and snuggling with her dog. She is fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and will give you the coordinates to her safehouse if you ask nicely.

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  1. I had to pull eject in week two this year (again) because November is somehow a REALLY busy month :/ instead I shall be doing NADEWRIMO because I have no life and December is a lot freer. As a preemptive question, how would you deal with clothing if you’re main characters come from a non-human non-earth society? I have all the materials they can use (basically classic fantasy stuff), but I’m not one who cares for fashion over much in the real world and have no idea how to deal with it

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