4 Times When Bobby Singer Was Totally the Best Character on Supernatural

4 Times When Bobby Singer Was Totally the Best Character on Supernatural

So – as many of you know, I’ve recently taken part in that sweet, sweet total mental breakdown known, medically, as “joining the Supernatural fandom.”   It’s been a rough couple of months – watching when I get a spare hour, staying up too late to finish a particularly feels-y episode, crying for several hours at a time post-marathon binge.  As is the case with most shows that are rich in both story and main-ish characters, it can be hard to really nail down your favorite things about any given character on Supernatural.

Not for me.  I’ve had a favorite from the word go.  This opinion has never wavered, nor has it had any bearing on which brother is my favorite.  It doesn’t diminish my love for Cas (or Destiel, for that matter) and it doesn’t affect my awe at Death’s flawlessness.  I love one thing above all – I love Bobby.  Robert Singer is my absolute baby forever.  He is my pride and joy and I find, sometimes at random, that I just really, really want to give him a hug and a glass of whiskey and tell him it’s all going to be alright.  Yet despite the tragic nature of Bobby as a character he remains the most stalwart and badass example of awesome that Supernatural has to offer.

*This blog has minor spoilers through season 7 – try to keep comments spoiler-free please!*

Here are some prime examples.  Take this opportunity to sit if you’re not sitting already as Bobby’s majesty is almost guaranteed to knock your feet right out from under you.

One:  He built a super badass panic room.

In episode 4.2,  “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester”, Sam and Dean discover that Bobby has a crazy awesome, ghost-proof panic room in his basement.  It ends up being super convenient on several occasions, as you’d assume it might but it’s still a pretty intense thing to just build on your own.

Bobby's panic room

Dean: “You built a ghost-proof panic room?”

Bobby: “I had a weekend off.”

 Two:  That time he gave a possessed Sam beer laced with holy water.

So there was that time in episode 2.14, “Born Under a Bad Sign”, where Sam sort of was possessed there for a hot minute and ended up giving Dean the slip.   He shows up at Bobby’s place like everything is totally normal and Bobby goes to get him a beer.  The thing is that Bobby is smart like a fox and gives him beer laced with holy water, which his demon ass promptly spits out, and Bobby tells him, “don’t try to con a con man.”

The laced beer exchange between Bobby and demon-Sam.

Three:  The time that Bobby kissed Sheriff Mills right on the mouth.

Who can forget that fantastic scene in Episode 7.6 “Slash Fiction” where Bobby figures out the fantastic leviathan-sizzling properties of Borax?  The best part of that scene, hands down, is how Bobby is so excited that he forgets that he’s not super comfortable around women and, in his excitement, he grabs Sheriff Mills and kisses her.  I love that Bobby is kind of shy and tormented and that made the kiss so much better and more adorable!


Four:  The time Bobby remembers taking baby Dean to play catch in the park

This is the moment where I am full of the most Bobby-related feels.  You guys, just, the boys didn’t really have a father figure, okay?  It makes my heart hurt.  And Bobby never had his own kids because of his own fears and baggage and it’s sad and tragic and it makes my heart hurt more.  But he fiercely love the boys and knows that their dad is pretty revenge-style absentee so he does his best to help them grow up right.  This scene happens in Bobby’s mind as a very strong memory of his and that makes me cry tears of blood.

Bobby takes young Dean to the park for a catch.


Bobby is never not going to be my favorite character that’s ever been on television.  These super amazeballs examples are only the tip of the incredible iceberg that is the character Robert Singer.  Think of it as extra incentive to watch Supernatural.  Or re-watch Supernatural, depending on your situation.  Now go forth and prosper.  Try not to let all of the feels get you down.

Later, nerds!

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  1. I love this blog, Dana! I couldn’t agree with the last one more! :oD

  2. I completely agree. Bobby is amazing! Supernatural is full of amazing and wonderful feels but also stunningly sad feels. And at first your like “I’m not sure whether or not I like this and then before you know it you’re obsessed and crying in a ball on the floor/couch/bed or wherever you watch it and can’t get enough of it.

  3. Yeah, I definitely need to check this show out.

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